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Lea (れあ) is a competitive Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Ultimate player from Saitama, Japan. He is a rewoned greninja smash pro and is sometimes held up as a template of how to play greninja. He even participated in 2GGC: Greninja Saga in California.

Ranked 15th on the Japan Power Ranking and 21st in the PGRU Fall 2019, he has occasionally partnered with other Japanese players including Tea, Gackt, and Kuro to play ssbu doubles.

Lea has competed at 2GGC: Kongo Saga, Frostbite 2019, Sumabato, Umebura Japan Major 2019, and Uprising 2019 among other key tournaments. At EVO Japan 2020, Lea ranked 49th after losing matches against Yamanyon and Bokin-chan respectively.

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