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Street Fighter 2v2 Matches at the 1st Anniversary of NLBC Online

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Street Fighter 2v2 Matches at the 1st Anniversary of NLBC Online
Pic Source: TeamSp00ky Twitch
Many prominent players participated in this special tournament - don’t miss the awesome fights!

Can you believe that we are already one year deep into online-mostly fighting esports? There can be different moods about this, so let’s try and stick to the positive one! It’s a year when the fighting games community managed to adapt well to the online events and keep this whole segment of esports living and breathing. Making it through this year is actually a reason for celebration.

Next Level Battle Circuit is one of the first fighting esports tournaments that migrated to the online dimension. On March 10, NLBC Online Edition had its official 1st anniversary. And what can be a better party than a special event with some of the best Street Fighter V players?

For this festive event, TeamSpooky organized a Waseda style tournament with 2v2 teams. To win a match, players have to win both of their games, and if one of them is lost, the winners from both teams play against each other. 

Do you want to experience the max excitement from this tourney? Then watch the stream (at least the Finals) before checking out the results. By the way, you can see pros using V-Shift quite a lot - they definitely love this new feature of SFV Season 5.

Street Fighter V 2v2, Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition #52 - Stream

iDom and iDrop had many great matches with their Laura and Karin. They defeated strong teams and had only one loss at the whole tournament - in the Grand Final against NoNeedToTalk and ShockZ (E. Honda and Alex). Those guys had a bit tougher experience. They defeated Punk and Shine in the Top 64 brackets but then were thrown to the Top 8 Losers Brackets after losing the Winners Final. The Grand Final Reset pushed them to second place - which is also an extraordinary result.

Congrats to iDom and iDrop on this success!

Top 8 teams of NLBC #52

  • 1. Me, Myself and iDrop - iDrop / iDom
  • 2. Hands and 2 Boots - NoNeedToTalk / ShockZ
  • 3. The Chili Sho - Kevinmalonechili / Shoryu
  • 4. Undisputed - Brian_F / RobTV
  • 5. AkumaMatata - ZisNuts / Joe Umerogan
  • 5. Cook - CJ Truth / Smug
  • 7. Tiger Style - RushdownV2 / Zaferino
  • 7. Team Sway - Child233 / -Sevens-

Team matches are rare in fighting esports, but you still can enjoy this type of competition at different events. For example, the recent Street Fighter League Pro-US and Pro-JP were all about team fights. And the big MK11 tournament WePlay Dragon Temple started with 2v2 team battles.

Next Level Battle Circuit Online Edition is a regular event that has SFV, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Granblue Fantasy Versus divisions. Want to prove your skills? Then check out the details on smash.gg.

Many big online tournaments have locations restrictions - to reduce the risk of lags. NLBC is for NA players. If you are from Europe, pay attention to Dojo Fighting Fest, organized by PlayStation.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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