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  • Deon D.
  • USA

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Deon "-Sevens-" D is a competitive esports player from Dallas, Texas, USA. Their main discipline is Street Fighter V, where Deon mains Ken

-Sevens's- career began in 2020 during Master of Mirrors April. Shortly after that, they took 17th place in Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America West 1 and won at Lights Out Online! A remarkable event in Deon's career was their performance during Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition #48, where they took 2nd place. In Grand Finals, they were faced against Pink (Punk), one of the top SFV players in the world, and managed to win a round against them. 

-Sevens's- fighting style is defensive and careful, with smart incorporation of ducking. However, they are also able to deliver deadly punishes to quickly turn the course of the match in their favor.    

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