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DBFZ at DreamHack Dallas 2023: Three 5-Game Finals

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DBFZ at DreamHack Dallas 2023: Three 5-Game Finals
A field test of the newest build

The Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at DreamHack Dallas 2023 was relatively small — in comparison to, say, Combo Breaker 2023. There were only 29 entrants, but the level of excitement they brought to the table was absolutely extraordinary.

And in addition to awesome fights, this tourney is just historical. It’s the first offline event with the newest DBFZ Patch 1.32. The balance of powers has been significantly shaken, and it requires a lot of talent to adapt to it for such a short period.

In our recap, we traditionally have the stream, a list of characters, and clips of top moments.

DBFZ at DreamHack Dallas 2023 | Stream, Top 6

Ahmed got a pretty confident victory in the Semi-Final against EZLuvsTaylorSwift — to proceed to the Winners Final. In the parallel bracket, Yourdunfor had slightly more work to do in the fight against Opulence, but eventually he also got his spot in the Final.

The competition between Ahmed and Yourdunfor turned out to be epic. In the Winners Final, both players had their moments. For example, Yourdunfor managed to summon Shenron in game 1. But Ahmed successfully struck back and then won the decisive game to proceed to the Grand Final through the Winners Side. The competition did not stop here, though.

It is worth noting the pretty unusual character choice in the Top 6 part. Trollster brought Goku GT (are we back in Season 1?). EZLuvsTaylorSwift demonstrated the power of Base Goku and even experimented with Yamcha (still having Android 18 as the best fighter). Reynald changed his team compared to Texas Showdown 2023, having only Krillin left (Blue Vegeta on Point — this character was nicely buffed with Patch 1.32).

In the Losers Final, Yourdunfor was just better, so he proceeded to the Grand Final to face Ahmed once again.

DBFZ at DreamHack Dallas 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

With a happy smile on his face, Yourdunfor proved his skills after refreshing the team (yep, the Fusions are still strong, and Super Baby 2 is good enough to accompany them). Still, the fight wasn’t easy at all — only in game 5 Yourdunfor reset the bracket.

The toughness did not decrease in the last match of the tournament. Yourdunfor reached the tournament point, but Ahmed did not agree with such a situation. He returned to his winning track and got victory.

Ahmed is the DBFZ Champion at DreamHack Dallas 2023. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at DreamHack Dallas 2023

5. Trollster

5. Reynald

4. Opulence

3. EZLuvsTaylorSwift

2. Yourdunfor

1. Ahmed

Top Moments

New power of Blue Vegeta.

EZLuvsTaylorSwift clutches with Android 18.

“My Broly is better than yours! Here is Shenron to prove that.”

The spin… Lab Coat does it again.

“Hey, what’s with the blue hair?”

“They haven’t buffed you enough!”

Quick KO in the Grand Final.

What a way to win a tournament!

The DBFZ community will surely discover many great aspects of the current build, and we’ll see some fresh magic in further esports tournaments. There will be some events before the World Tour starts at Evo 2023. For example, CEO 2023 happens on June 22-25. Stay tuned to DashFight to be in the whirl of DBFZ excitement.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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