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DBFZ at Texas Showdown 2023: Instinctive Win

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DBFZ at Texas Showdown 2023: Instinctive Win
Pic Source: TXShowdownLive on Twitch
“Your stock of Senzu Beans is insufficient!”

While we are waiting for the promised patch, Dragon Ball FighterZ is still a great competitive game. The tournament at Texas Showdown 2023 is one of the first relatively big ones after the World Tour Global Finals.

The Top 8 part was really good. We could witness many amazing moments, an unexpected upset, a couple of cool underdog stories, and a glorious victory in a super close Grand Final. Let’s enjoy the esports show!

DBFZ at Texas Showdown 2023 | Stream, Top 8

Reynald had a pretty confident victory in the Semi-Final against MDPpoet — with a cool last moment when Krillin in low health destroyed Super Baby 2.

In the parallel bracket, Lucar won 2:0 over JakeRyan. Jake had a good chance to clutch with Vegito but couldn’t defeat UI Goku.

In the Winners Final, Lucar defeated Reynald, 3:1.

Miniko was one of the notable heroes at this tournament. He played a pretty unusual team (with Master Roshi on Point, one of the most difficult characters in DBFZ) and managed to reach Top 3. This guy uses a new profile on start.gg and seemingly has no records on the pro scene. It would be interesting to follow his further performance.

Another player to mention is Raider_itty, who knocked JakeRyan out of the tournament. To be honest, it was Jake who defeated himself by having a too lighthearted mood at the beginning of the match and then by dropping a combo at the very end. But Raider_itty also did great — he performed a wonderful comeback with Krillin and did not hesitate to use his moment against Lab Coat.

DBFZ at Texas Showdown 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

The match was really close and intense. First, Reynald won game 1 and even reached a bracket reset point. But Lucar did not let the score gap become too big and then won two games in a row to claim victory.

Lucar is the DBFZ Champion at Texas Showdown 2023. Congratulations!

After thic victory we just had to reach out to Lucar and ask a few questions. Please, check out our exclusive interview with this prominent player.

DBFZ Teams at Texas Showdown 2023

7. IAmBigE

7. McBenedict

5. MDPpoet

5. JakeRyan

4. Raider_itty

3. Miniko

2. Reynald

1. Lucar

Top Moments

Reynald wins in Krillin style and proceeds to the Winners Final

“What clutch are you talking about, Vegito?”

We need more Master Roshi on the pro scene!

Raider_itty kicks JakeRyan out of the tournament

“No, you don’t have enough Senzu Beans for this, Krillin…”

So many Krillins at this tournament…

“Who do you shoot that disc at?”

If you are impressed by Ui Goku at this tournament, you may be interested in watching a pro guide on this character by Noka.

Another recent big DBFZ tournament was BBB 2023. It gathered quite a few world-class competitors.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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