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Dragon Ball FighterZ UI Goku Guide Featuring Noka

Dragon Ball FighterZ UI Goku Guide Featuring Noka

5 min
Guide by Noka

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He is a well-rounded character with various effective tools

Ultra Instinct Goku is such a great anime character. Just think about all the steps he took to increase his fighting power. And then, with all the Super Saiyan levels available and even with the fusion possibility, he managed to move a bit further and transform into something even more superior — Ultra Instinct. Fighting on the base of instincts only sounds fantastic even for such a guy as Goku.

Sure, Dragon Ball FighterZ is nicely balanced, and the characters here are relatively equal (with the range from Yamcha to Lab Coat). Unlike in the anime, UI Goku is not the strongest guy in DBFZ fights. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses to benefit from having him in your team.

Noka, a pro esports player from France, knows UI Goku pretty well — this character is in his main team on the Anchor position. Noka explains how to play UI Goku in a new video guide on DashFight’s YouTube channel.

Would you like to start playing UI Goku or improve your skills with this character? Then enjoy our pro guide! And bring the advice from Noka into your personal practice.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Goku Guide by Noka

Best Buttons

Noka mentions these normals as the best for UI Goku:

  • 5L — this hit has decent range and a small startup.
  • 2S — it’s a really good tool to stop somebody from jumping. It might be helpful against such characters as Zamasu.
  • 5S — this ki blast is not too good on the ground, so Noka recommends using it in the air (j.S). The startup is pretty fast. It can beat most opponents who try to backdash in the air.
  • 6H — this move teleports you behind the opponent. It can be used when someone activates a beam and you suddenly attack them from behind. The same scheme also works against a jumping ki blast.

Special Moves

In this section of the guide, Noka talks about special moves of Ultra Instinct Goku.

  • 214 — different versions of this move can be canceled into each other. You can jump over the opponent to attack from the other side. It is possible to cancel into 214S.
  • 214H — it’s invulnerable on frame 4. Use it as a counter in different situations. Still, the move is -5 on block and punishable on landing.
  • 236 — with this move, UI Goku rushes forward a lot, and you can go to significant damage. It’s a good way to get in.

Wake Up Options

UI Goku has many options to choose from on wake up. For example, he has 236HS or 22S to affect the airborne stuff. Also, you can hold LM. Thanks to many wake-up options, your opponent will not know what to do.


As many moves of the character are minus on block, Noka recommends ending UI Goku’s blockstrings with 214 variations. Please, watch the video guide for more details.

BnB combos of UI Goku in DBFZ

Noka demonstrates these UI Goku combos.

Corner Combos

  • 5LL 2M 2S 6S 5H 5S 2H j4LLM2H jcLLL j214L
  • 5LL 2M(short delay)5M(1) 5H (delay) 2S 6S 5S 2H sd j4LLM2H jcLLL j214L
  • Dragon Rush jM2H jcH A2 dash 6S 2H sd jM2H jcLLL j214L A1 22S Super
  • 5H 22S SPARK dash 6S iad jM 5LL 2M 2S 6S 5H J4LLM2H jcLLL A2 Dragon Rush 22S super
  • 2M(short delay)5M(1) 5H (delay) 2S 6H 5S 2H sd jLL2H jcLLL j214L A2 j5S(hold)j236M 6A1 Dragon rush

Other BnBs

  • 5LL 2M(short delay)5M(1) 5H 236L 5LL 2M 2S 6S 5H 2H sd jM2H jcLLL 214L A2
  • iad jM 5LL 2M(short delay)5M(1) 5H 236H 5LL 2M 2S 6S

Side Switch Combos

  • 5LL 2M(short delay)5M(1) 5H 236H 5LL 2M 5M hjLL2H jcLLL j214L
  • 5LL 2M 5M jM2H (delay) SD jM2H jcH
  • 5LL 236L dash 5LL 2M 2S 6S 5H 2H SD jM2H jcLLL j214L
  • 2H sd jL (short delay) jL (short delay) j2H 9jcLLL

Level 3 Oki

UI Goku doesn’t have many options after his Level 3. You can run close to the opponent and start mixing up.

Assists of UI Goku

Noka says that most assists of this character are pretty good, even if they are not the best in the game. He prefers using B Assist. 

  • C Assist is not that good and has down sides of all C Assists in DBFZ.  
  • B Assist is the Kamehameha beam. It’s not too hard to confirm after it. 
  • A Assist is better for a defensive style. You should be careful as it’s easy to get Happy Birthday on it.

According to Noka, UI Goku is a nicely rounded character. He has a lot of great tools in neutral. Everything is nice and easily confirmatable. Just remember, when UI Goku wakes up, it is the opponent who has to mix up.

For more pro guides on DBFZ characters, check out these videos on How to Play Base Goku by KingZem or How to Play Android 21 by Nitro.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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