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Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Goku Guide featuring KingZem

Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Goku Guide featuring KingZem

9 min

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He doesn’t need to take any superior form to destroy his opponents in DBFZ

The choice of Goku’s form is much simpler in the anime. The story offers a straightforward progression from a kid to the god level and beyond. The base form of an adult Goku is one of the weakest in this hierarchy. And that’s totally untrue for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Obviously, a fighting game should be nicely balanced. If Base Goku has some disadvantages in comparison to other versions, he perfectly compensates for them with his unique strengths. Discovering the cons and emphasizing the pros is part of learning the character.

DashFight is happy to help you guys in this process. We’ve published a new video guide on our YouTube channel. KingZem, a fighting esports professional, explains how to play Goku — and the tutorial is very detailed and practical.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Base Goku Guide by KingZem

Best Buttons

KingZem says that the normals of this character are not bad, but they are not the best.

  • 5L has a 6-frame startup, and it's -4 on block. Base Goku can chain his L attacks.
  • 2L is 0 on block. Considering his unreactable command grab, this is very “cheap.” Goku can do Jab -> Command Grab, or Jab -> Jab -> Command Grab, and that will be two mixups in one sequence.
  • 5LL is good for picking up air hits.
  • The full L auto-combo is a very strong scramble tool because it hits both sides and has very large hitboxes. It happens very fast, so when someone jumps on you, mash auto-combo. 
  • 5M has a 9-frame startup. Goku advances forward. You can use this strong attack in many different situations.
  • 2M is a 10-frame low. It’s extremely unsafe on block (-11). But that’s ok because when you pressure with this character, you never stop on 2M. The attacks can be used in mixups.
  • 5S is a multi ki-blast. Goku shoots 6 projectiles and can win a ki-blast duel if the opponent has fewer (like Teen Gohan or Gotenks). 5S is -4 on block. It’s good for resetting your strings. 
  • 1S, 2S, and 3S are unique for Base Goku. It’s a fast ki-blast that can be shot at three ranges. KingZem gives a very detailed explanation of these projectiles, and it’s better to watch it in the video.


In this section, KingZem talks about Special Moves of Goku in DBFZ.

  • 236L/M/H, Heavy Elbow — this very fast lariat goes decently far. It has a high-level priority in the game, so that no other physical move can beat this one. The recovery is fast, and Heavy Elbow is -5 on block. You can use spacing for clever mind games. KingZem likes this move for its strengths and versatility. The M version is slower, and it’s better to use L or H.
  • 214S, Spirit Bomb — you have to charge this move first, but when it’s done, Spirit Bomb has a few unique properties. First of all, it has tracking. You can combine it with an assist for good sequences. The best property is that Spirit Bomb is not a beam but a Super Move. That’s why it will beat everything else. If Spirit Bomb hits, it deals a lot of damage. When it’s charged, the opponents will be reluctant to zone Goku back.
  • 236S, Kamehameha — Base Goku’s beam is one of the strongest in the game. It’s a single-hitting beam, and this opens opportunities for pretty interesting things in neutral. For example, when you force the opponent to block Kamehameha in the air, you can jail-Vanish them to the ground and then take your turn. This rule applies for up and down versions of Kamehameha as well. If you TK this beam (Tiger Knee), it becomes safe, -2 on block instead of -9. The input is 2368S.

Command Grab

This Special is the basis for Goku’s pressure and mixups. 

  • 214L is unreactable. You can extend it with Vanish or tag-cancel off it. The opponent has to guess where you will put it, and that makes it so strong.
  • 214M is slower and therefore reactable, but the catch goes very far. KingZem doesn’t recommend using this version too much.
  • 214H is reactable, but it’s really hard to do so. In combination with 3S and 2S mind games, it can create very annoying pressure.


KingZem demonstrates his favorite strings for Base Goku.

He explains some tricks for opening the opponent — expecting Reflect from them. When people are more experienced against Goku, they know that risk/reward is not in their favor to get a frame trap. Goku’s Command Grab deals 25% damage if you get grabbed, and Supers are added. But if you get a frame trap by this character, he can deal around 5k. So people choose to guess and use Reflect as a defensive option.

You should keep this in mind while pressuring with Base Goku.

  • 5M -> 5S
  • 2L -> wait for Reflect and punish it with 5M
  • 2L -> 2M
  • 2L -> 5L -> 5M -> 5S
  • 2L -> 5L -> 5M -> 2M -> 2H -> delayed Heavy Elbow
  • 1S -> 5H

The video gives many details on the strings, so learn them directly from KingZem.


Goku is so sick because his mixups are super cheap and do a lot of damage.

The Command Grab is unreactable, and you make your opponent guess between strike or throw. You can put this Command Grab anywhere.

  • Jab -> Command Grab
  • Jab -> Jab -> Command Grab
  • 5M -> Command Grab
  • 2M -> Command Grab
  • 5S -> Command Grab
  • Heavies -> delay -> Command Grab

Having 2L that is 0 on block allows Goku to repeat it over and over, making the opponent guess which of them will be the unreactable Command Grab.

EX Heavy Elbow is another mixup tool. The opponent might try to react to cross-up, but you can do Heavy Elbow.

The Kamehameha beam is also a tool for the left-right mixup — with the Tiger Knee input.

EX Command Grab mimics Dragon Rush. If the opponent presses DR to react, they get hit.

It is important to know how to get mixups from Goku’s Super Moves. Both are strong for mixup situations as long as you set them up correctly.

  • 236 L+M, 236 H+S — Kaioken. When Goku is alone, he gets access to Level 2, which is 50/50. 
  • Level 3 Oki. This mixup is DHC specific (Delayed Hyper Combo). You must have Spirit Bomb connected on the ground. Depending on the height of Spirit Bomb, the amount of damage this Super does and how plus it is change. The higher it hits, the less plus it becomes and the more damage it does. The mixup works with grounded Spirit Bomb, which deals the least damage but has the most plus.

It is really worth watching both Super mixups demonstration and explanation in the video.

Base Goku’s BnB Combos

KingZem gives three examples of combos.

Midscreen Combo:

  • 5L, 5M, 2m, 5h, Delay Super Dash, 66, J.L, Delay Js, 2m, 5h, 2s, 236S8(Hold), Super Dash, J.LL2H, Dj, JLML2H, J.2m

Corner Combo:

  • 5L, 5M, 5H, Delay Super Dash, 66, JL, Delay JS, 2M, Delay 5S, 5H, Super Dash, 66, JL, Delay JS, 5LLL, 236S8, Super Dash, JM2H, Dj, JM2H, J2M

Vanish and Spirit Bomb Combo:

  • 214L, Vanish, IAD, JM, delay JS, 2M, 5H, 2S, 236S8, Super Dash, JLL2H, JLML2H, J2M

Strength and weaknesses

The biggest strength of Base Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ is his ability to open up his opponents easily. Also, he deals significant damage on Point. Assists of Goku are strong for mixups. 

His ki blasts are very effective. The single-hitting beam is one of the safest in the game. Tracking Spirit Bomb is a great tool.

One of Goku’s biggest weaknesses is his stabby normals. Such characters as Vegito or Gogetas have better buttons.

The difficulty clause is another downside of this character. His combos require some preciseness. In addition, Base Goku is kind of greedy. He gives a lot to the team, but he needs specific teammates to play his best game (grounded Spirit Bomb). 

Team Composition

Base Goku is good with the characters who help him to set up Spirit Bomb easily. KingZem names these potential teammates:

KingZem recommends looking for assists that help in the neutral game. Beams of Android 21 and Broly can do it. Vegito’s A Assist is fast and very good for Goku. B Assist of UI Goku is also nice. You can choose A Assist of Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. 

Spirit Bomb combo synergy is another aspect to mind in DBFZ team composition with Goku. You can use Bardock’s B, SS4 Gogeta’s B, SSGSS Gogeta’s A, or Vegito’s A.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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