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DBFZ Patch 1.32: Gotta Buff ‘Em All

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DBFZ Patch 1.32: Gotta Buff ‘Em All
The balance update is here. What are the general tendencies?

This patch is pretty important for the game and its community. The addition of Lab Coat was a great surprise, which eventually did not go well. The character turned out to be overpowered, even after the following fix. The might of Vegito and Gogeta did not make the situation better. Top-tier characters have occupied the pro scene, and we certainly see them a lot in ranked and casual matches. The patch should solve this.

Also, this update is pretty much the last one for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The patch and (potential) rollback netcode have to leave the game in perfect condition — for future generations of the FGC to play and enjoy.

Well, this creates a lot of pressure and expectations.

Patch 1.32 is here, and we are ready to check out the official patch notes

What catches our eyes? Here are two general changes:

  • C Assists have reduced reload time
  • Some characters accumulate less ki energy (for example, Hit, Zamasu, Janemba, both Gogets, Vegito, Lab Coat)

And without delving too much into the character adjustments, it is hard not to notice that giving buffs is the main focus of this patch. For example:

  • Piccolo has his 5L and 214 L/M moving further
  • Frieza spawns for his A Assist in different positions with diagonal movement inputs
  • 236L by Trunks starts faster in the air
  • Ginyu can perform a Special while charging 236L+M / 236H+S (at the starting stage)

The list is rather big, and we all need time to explore those words and numbers directly in the game.

There are some nerfs too.

  • Lab Coat deals less damage with her 214L+M

Will this be enough to balance the game? Is the kill-accumulating nerf enought to reduce the might of top-tier characters? 

LegendaryyPred thinks, this nerf is huge. Here is his video:

Do you like this approach of buffing the general roster instead of nerfing top tiers? Do you enjoy how the game feels after the patch?

Let’s not forget that these specific changes are not final. As was promised in the announcement, the developers plan to release one more patch after getting the community feedback. Meanwhile — see you on the fighting grounds!

It will take some time for the patch to be active at the pro esports tournaments. For example, we will see the previous version of DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2023.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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