CPT 2021: Best Matches from France/Spain/Portugal 1

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CPT 2021: Best Matches from France/Spain/Portugal 1
We had many interesting fights during this Street Fighter V event, and it’s nice to revisit this experience and (of course) highlight the results

On the one hand, Europe is a pretty strong fighting games region. We have some prominent legends here who regularly demonstrate impressive miracles. On the other hand, though, the global community often considers the European scene less exciting than Japanese or North American.

Capcom Pro Tour provides SFV players from Europe with many opportunities to show their power. The qualifying series has quite a few tournaments for different parts of this region. On July 31-August 1, we could enjoy matches of French, Spanish, and Portuguese players. Or…

This CPT definitely proved the dominance of France. No one from Portugal was in Top 16. Only one player from Spain in Top 8 (even if he reached the Winners Final).

Anyways, the event was super interesting. What about remembering the best matches from it?

Street Fighter V Esports | CPT France/Spain/Portugal 1 — Top 16 Stream

The first match of the Winners Bracket was interesting because of the ability of Nasty Nas to utilize V-Shift. VegaPatch had a very good beginning, but then his opponent started using this new mechanic of SFV Season 5 and brought the game to the very last round.

3:00 PMBO3

JuniorLeo had almost no problems in the Top 16 match; his Ken almost destroyed Lucia, a rare character on CPT. This match is interesting thanks to its fantastically close first round. Just watch it! Here is the moment when it starts:

3:15 PMBO3

Mister Crimson was one of the favorites of this event (obviously, after his success at Red Bull Kumite in London). His first game in the Top 16 part was rather disastrous. Mister Crimson plays Dhalsim, a zoner. His opponent was Guile, who is especially strong in close range. But however difficult this matchup is for Guile, Akainu won (despite even a bitter mistake in the 2nd game) and beat Mister Crimson to the Losers bracket.

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 France/Spain/Portugal 1 — Top 16 Brackets

Street Fighter V Esports | CPT France/Spain/Portugal 1 — Top 8 Stream

Akainu continued to demonstrate exceptional spirit in his match against another favorite, Luffy. He started slowly and lost two first games. But then, Akainu returned to the action and lost the whole match only in the last round.

3:15 PMBO5

The match of Mister Crimson vs Linkexelo had lots of back and forth situations. Mister Crimson made some weird mistakes, like his Super in the 2nd round. While playing Ibuki, Linkexelo demonstrated how rewarding risks could be. Still, his opponent felt surprisingly comfortable in many situations, especially the last game.

Talking about comfortable wins — Mister Crimson had no problems defeating JuniorLeo. This match is an example of strong character advantages when you can do nothing with your opponent — Ken is so weak against Dhalsim.

The fight between Luffy and VegaPatch is interesting in two aspects. First of all, it’s a really good Winners Final. But also, these players have a history — in 2020, VegaPatch defeated Luffy and almost prevented him from getting a Capcom Cup spot.

This time, the outcome is different. VegaPatch started with power, but then Luffy made a comeback and won the 2nd game. This situation repeated itself later on - VegaPatch was very offensive, but Luffy managed to compensate for the life losses and win. In general, Luffy was so cautious, waited for his moments, and then used them in full against F.A.N.G.

4:50 PMBO5

The Grand Final is traditionally one of the best matches of every fighting esports event — the stakes here are high. Luffy and Mister Crimson have quite an experience playing against each other (yep, they both are from France), and the last big match is the Semi-Final of Red Bull Kumite London.

Both Grand Final matches were very close. Luffy was so good at performing command grabs and putting his opponent into a corner. But then, Mister Crimson found ways to come back, keep distance, and defeat R. Mika. The Grand Final reset started with a very close round, and that atmosphere continued till the last one. Eventually, Mister Crimson got an early advantage, did not lose it, and got the final victory.

After the tournament, DashFight reached out to Mister Crimson and asked a few questions about this success. Please, check out our interview here.

5:45 PMBO5
6:00 PMBO5

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 France/Spain/Portugal 1 — Top 8 Brackets

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 France/Spain/Portugal 1 — Top 8 Players

The fighting games community will have quite a lot of other chances to enjoy fights of European players. There will be more Capcom Pro Tour events in this region (with France/Spain/Portugal 2 on December 4, which will be another opportunity for Luffy, VegaPatch, and other guys). And also, let’s not forget about Evo that has European tournaments on August 6-7 and 13-14.

The previous CPT event happened in North America East, and the winner is Punk.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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