Pink Fresh

  • Marcus Wilson
  • USA

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Marcus Wilson, otherwise known as "Pink Fresh," is an American Professional Super Smash Bros player who represents VGBootCamp. He mains Zero Suit Samus and Byleth in Ultimate, Bayonetta in Smash 4, and Lucas in Brawl.

Ranked 60th on the PGR100 for SSB4 and 12th on the MD/VA Ultimate Power Rankings, Pink Fresh is a regular at events like Smash @ Xanadu and The Grind Fridays.

Pin Fresh has  competed in ssbu singles and placed 49th at Glitch 8 & Let's Make Moves, 65th at Pound 2019, and 257th at Super Smash Con 2019.

He is also known to have partnered up smashers such as CaptainZack, Dexter, Logic, Seagull Joe, and ZD for ssbu doubles. He is an anime/manga fan as well.

Take a peek at Pink Fresh's Twitch channel here.