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Seagull Joe

  • Joseph Raucher
  • USA

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Birthday : Dec 30, 1990 (33)
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Joseph Rauncher, also known as "Seagull Joe," is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii U, and Ultimate player from the United States who represents Game Gym Esports.

Seagull Joe mains Palutena in SSB Ultimate with several secondary and tournament characters including Wolf, Banjo & Kazooie, Diddy Kong, Greninja, Young Link, and R.O.B. among others.

Ranked 3rd on the MD/VA Smash 4 Power Ranking and 4th on the MD/VA Ultimate Power Rankings, he is a regular at events like Just Tryna Smash and  Smash @ Xanadu. He teams up with smashers such as ZD and Pink Fresh for ssbu doubles matches.

Seagull Joe has also competed in ssbu singles and placed 25th at CEO Dreamland 2020, 33rd at Pound 2019, 49th at Collision Online, Genesis 6 & The Big House 9, and 65th at EVO 2019, Frostbite 2019 & Glitch 8.

Seagull Joe also plays Valorant. Take a peek at his Twitter here.

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