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Davon Poindexter "Dexter" is a competitive Super Smash Bros player from Maryland, USA.

Ranked 3rd on the Ultimate MD/VA Power RankingsDexter mains Wolf in Smash Ultimate and mains Corrin, Lucina, and Marth (his Smash Brawl main) in Smash 4. He is a regular at events like The Grind Fridays and Ultimate @ Xanadu.

He also competed in ssbu singles and placed 4th at Launch, 5th at Xanadu Homecoming - Feat Mr. E, 25th at Glitch 7, 33rd at Pound 2019, 65th at Super Smash Con 2019.


Dexter ranked 97th in singles at Glitch 8 - Missingno with a 60% set win rate after being defeated by Esé and AndrewT. He also ranked 17th in Strike Squad and 13th in doubles with Pink Fresh as his teammate.


Take a peek at his Twitter here.