Red Bull Kumite London: Top-Level SFV Invitational is Set for May

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Red Bull Kumite London: Top-Level SFV Invitational is Set for May
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We already know some of the participants, and the more names are revealed, the more exciting the event becomes

Do you miss offline Street Fighter tournaments? We can be proud of how well the community adapted to the year of online-mostly competition, but at the same time, watching Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur, and Tekken guys celebrating WePlay Season 1 tourneys makes SF players a bit envious. But now, the party is on Capcom’s side - thanks to the Street Fighter V Red Bull Kumite.

For the first time, this annual event will be held in London. It is planned for May 23. 

In 2019 and 2018, the winner of Red Bull Kumite was Fujimura, who defeated Infexious and ProblemX in the Grand Final, respectively. Nemo won the Grand Final against Gachikun in 2017. Infiltration is the winner in 2016 (the Grand Final against Tokido). The very first Red Bull Kumite in 2015 was won by Bonchan (Tokido was the Grand Final opponent).

Red Bull Kumite 2021 consists of two events:

  • Guilty Gear Strive showcase on Saturday, May 22, to let the community know the game even before its release, planned for June 11;
  • Street Fighter V tournament with 15 invited players and one winner of the Last Chance Qualifier UK.

The Guilty Gear Strive night is definitely worthy of your attention - we not so often have such big releases in FGC. 

The SFV tourney - that sounds pretty interesting, but it would be better to add some fire. What about the fire of fighting game celebrities who are invited to the event? The organizers reveal the players one by one. For now, we know 14 of them, and those names are powerful enough to make the game fans tremble with anticipation.




Mister Crimson




Problem X








The whole event will be streamed live on Red Bull YouTube and Twitch channels.

Jones won the Last Chance Qualifier, which happened on May 2

Street Fighter V - Red Bull Kumite Last Chance Qualifier, Stream

The weekend of May 22-23 will be packed with Street Fighter V action - Capcom Pro Tour South America West 1 happens on Saturday.

Red Bull organizes some other fighting esports events, such as Hit the Streets (for South African players) and AdrenaLAN (for Canadians).

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