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DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023: Top Players in All Regions

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DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023: Top Players in All Regions
Pic Source: Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour on YouTube
These competitors will participate in the Final Event

The series of many regional events is over for DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023. It all started with an epic Power+ Event at Evo 2022. And after many exciting tournaments, we have pretty much the final general standings in all the regions. There will be a couple of small community events, but their results will unlikely affect the situation.

So, the World Tour Finals are planned for March 4-5. This will be an offline event, and we already know most of the participants — they’ve reached Top 1 and 2 positions in their regions. 

Let’s not forget that Wawa has his spot automatically, thanks to the Evo 2022 victory.

North America West

  • Zane — the player has won UFA 2022.
  • Garlic Bread and Jake Ryan — after the recent community event Season Beatings, where these players were #1 and #2, both have 120 points and 2nd place in the general standings. The situation might become clearer after the remaining small community events.

North America East

  • INZEM — he is another American player who’s won a big European event. INZEM was #1 at Install 2022.
  • LegendaryyPred — the winner of First Attack 2022.

Europe 2

  • OBAssassin — a very strong player from the UK. He was 3rd at Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022.

Europe 3

  • Shanks — a well-known Spanish DBFZ competitor who was 5th at The MIXUP 2022.

Europe 4

  • Seyhan — a DBFZ player from Germany. He was 4th at Install 2022.


  • Fenritti — this guy traveled to other countries to gain points at various World Tour Power events, such as CouchWarriors Crossup 2022 in Australia and REV Major 2022 in the Philippines
  • tako956402 — the player had tough competition with Oblivion for this spot. They faced each other at the Power Event Japan, and even 2nd place let tako956402 get this World Tour Finals spot.

East Asia

  • Xanxus — you could notice his performance at BeePro Cup 2022, where the player was 4th.

Southeast Asia

  • Ezstealx — this player was 5th at two Power Events: REV Major 2022 and FV Major.


  • Novix — the guy was 2nd at CouchWarriors Crossup 2022, losing only to Fenritti; so it’s safe to say that Novix is the best DBFZ player in Australia.


  • zLeech7 — this player was 3rd at the Power Event Battle Coliseum 2022, but also, he won three Tenkaichi community events in Brazil.

Middle East

  • Uchiha — the winner of FV Major 2022, where the Pakistani player defeated two Japanese competitors, Ikoan and tako956402.

Extended Division

(for the countries not included in the 13 other regions)

  • gohankun — the player was 5th at CouchWarriors Crossup 2022 (he won Southern Cross Up 2022 in New Zealand, which isn't part of the World Tour)

Quite a few strong players are out of the DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023 Final Event, but they still have a chance to join this fighting esports party — thanks to the Last Chance Qualifiers

We at DashFight can’t wait to see the Final matches. And we can’t wait to see great announcements from Bandai Namco and Arc System Works. Who knows, we might even hear something about fresh updates — our team has already started fantasizing about the characters we want to see in new seasons of DBFZ.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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