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DBFZ at Install 2022: France Takes Another Hit

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DBFZ at Install 2022: France Takes Another Hit
Pic Source: Bandai Namco Esports on Twitter
Finland hosted a big tournament, and it was one of the last chances for DBFZ players to become World Tour participants

For just around a month, we had two DBFZ World Tour Power Events in Europe. The first one was in France, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022. And the second took place in Finland; it’s Install 2022.

It’s not a secret that French players are really strong at Dragon Ball FighterZ esports. The success of Wawa inspired many other competitors in his country. But those guys could not win a big tournament on their land — Zane decided to fight for the World Tour points, traveled to UFA, and won (he defeated WADE in the Grand Final).

And now, at Install 2022, French players had a chance to restore their reputation. Their opponents in the Top 8 part were from the UK, Ireland, Finland, Germany, and (yep, again) the USA. So, who could win this time?

DBFZ at Install 2022 | Stream

Two French players entered the Top 8 part through the parallel Winners Brackets. In the Winners Semi-Finals, WADE played against INZEM, and Kayne faced Seyhan.

WADE fell victim to INZEM’s power. Kayne was more successful and proceeded to the Winners Final.

The match INZEM vs Kayne was super close. Both players had a chance to win, but in the very last game, INZEM defeated the opponent.

WADE had two pretty confident victories in the Losers brackets and managed to make his way to the Grand Final.

DBFZ at Install 2022 | Stream, Grand Final

WADE had a good start and won game one against INZEM. But then, the American player unleashed his true power and destroyed the opponent with style. The fight reached even the point of tea-bagging — can you imagine?

INZEM won 3:1 and became the DBFZ Champion at Install 2022. Congratulations!

Both Grand Finalists got their guaranteed spots at the upcoming DBFZ World Tour Final. WADE is #2 in the region Europe 1. INZEM is #2 in North America East.

DBFZ Team Composition at Install 2022







Traveling to other regions to participate in a local Power Event has become kind of a tradition for strong DBFZ players. Fenritti did that and participated at CouchWarriors Crossup 2022 (in Australia). LegendaryyPred did that at Battle Coliseum 2022 (in Brazil). Do you think it’s fair for the competitors in those regions? Anyway, playing against such opponents is excellent practice and esports joy.

We will have a chance to enjoy two more Power Events this season: BeePro Cup 2022 in Taiwan (December 11) and Power Event in Japan (December 17-18).

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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