Capcom Cup 2020 announced and locked in to start February 19th

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Capcom Cup 2020 announced and locked in to start February 19th
Images courtesy of Capcom
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A few days ago Capcom announced in their Street Fighter League broadcast a new tournament that will take place later in February of next year. The Capcom Cup 2020 will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from the 19th to the 21st and host the 20 best players from all over the world.

19 of the players are already locked in, those being the incumbent champion of the Capcom Cup 2019 and the 18 qualifier winners throughout this year. The final spot in the lineup was selected today by a community vote and it went to Olivier “Luffy” Hay.

The Players:

  • Derek "iDom" Ruffin
  • Arman "Phenom" Rabiee Hanjani
  • Yoryi "DR Mandrake" Bueno
  • Niel "SKZ" Chong
  • Gonzalo "Pikoro" Buleje
  • Rabie "Takamura" Houmaid
  • Daigo "Daigo" Umehara
  • Cristhoper "Caba" Rodriguez
  • Alan "Nephew" Sun
  • Bryant "Smug" Huggins
  • Amjad "AngryBird" Al-Shalabi
  • Kun Xian "Xian" Ho
  • Alexandro "Jah_lexe" Rodrigues
  • DC "Infexious" Coleman
  • Saul Leonardo "MenaRD" Mena Segundo
  • Kanamori "Gachikun" Tsunehiro
  • Xijie "Jiewa" Zeng
  • Yuvin "Rumours" Manadeniya
  • Putthivath "Samurai" Chea
  • Olivier “Luffy” Hay
Capcom Cup 2020 Announcement

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