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Vante "NG-Obscure" Flint is a fighting games player from Orlando, Florida, United States.

NG-Obscure is an Alisa player in Tekken and Geralt main in SoulCalibur VI. He goes for characters with less demanding execution to allow for greater focus on fundamentals, which strongly comes through in his matches. His neutral, whiff punishment, movement, and other fundamentals are on such a high level that he presents a real challenge to the best players in the world.

Some of his best tournament results include 1st place at Tekken Online Challenge: US East, 1st place at The Fall Classic 2014, 2nd place at Texas Showdown 2019, 2nd place at NEC 19, 2nd place at Winter Brawl 12, 3rd place at DreamHack Austin 2018, 3rd place at Summer Jam 11, and multiple top 8 placements at CEO 2014, 2016, and 2019.

You can find NG-Obscure on Twitter and Twitch.