Best fighters of Tekken Online Challenge Us East

Ilya Kravtsov
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Best fighters of Tekken Online Challenge Us East
Which characters were picked by the best players

The next stage of the TEKKEN Online Challenge series has ended. The East Coast US tournament was won by NG-Obscure. He played with two fighters - Alisa and Ganryu.

It takes skill and luck to win, but the choice of fighter you use to demonstrate your Tekken skills is also extremely important. Who did the best players of this tournament choose? We invite you to find out below.

Place - Nickname - Fighter(s)

  1. NG-Obscure - Alisa and Ganryu
  2. Spero GinEddy
  3. DrBlazinPeanut - Lei
  4. TCOL|SourPiggyJulia
  5. TCOL|Mr.Whoopee - Negan, Leo
  6. Nashi - Feng
  7. Donte - Law
  8. odellthefinest Wave - Geese

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