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Tekken 7: Law Guide, Combos and Move List

Tekken 7: Law Guide, Combos and Move List

Ilya Kravtsov
3 min

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He is friend of Paul despite a lot of arguments

Marshall Law is a very talented martial artist. He is mostly known for having a dojo and then a restaurant (although in Japan he had to resort to a dishwasher as he was left penniless after losing in the 4th tournament). Marshall is Paul Phoenix's best friend, even though they have a lot of arguments.

Marshall Law is a talented fighter and good friend. He wanted to teach at a Japanese dojo school. Seeing in the "King of the Iron Fist" tournament an opportunity to realize his dreams, he joined the battle. Over time, he opened his dojo.
However, after a while, bandits attacked his school. Marshall Law managed to defeat their leader. He then ran his dojo and restaurant - 'Marshall China", with his son Forest. He forbade his son to fight anywhere outside the dojo.

In Tekken 7 Marshall Law is preoccupied with paying off his son's debts. Also he, probably, didn't realize how many of his students had quit his dojo until it was almost too late. 

Tekken 7 combos of Law by Lady Onfire

Law combos Tekken 7:

How to Play Marshall Law Tekken 7 in 5 Minutes by PepperBeef2Spicy

Law has many different punishing options. Here are a few of Law moves for win.

You can check DashFight's guide about controls related to Tekken 7 combo list before trying this below.

  • Banana Peel df+3+4 for great long-range quick low pokes

  • Slide Tackle crouching, df,d,df+3 with an easy 3 follow up (vital move to learn)

  • DSS (D+1+2) into f+4 for an instant legend kick if you do it fast enough. Also worth exploring the other DSS options.

  • b+3+4 which is great to do after a quick back dash and will catch aggressive opponents off guard if not used often.

  • f+1+2 which is an amazing CH that goes further than it looks and is relatively safe

  • b+3 and b+4 are great safe poke options from a distance

  • d/f+3,3,3 Amazing for someone who is always blocking and kicks low. Very punishable at high ranks if you spam this since the second one hits low.

Like others that were kind of trolling were saying in here, Dragon Tail (d/b+4,4) can be amazing at low ranks BUT this is extremely punishable against someone who has decent reactions and many characters can launch punish it.

And here is a full list of Tekken 7 Law combos.

We hope, that you enjoyed our Tekken 7 Law guide.

LAW Combo Guide | TEKKEN 7 by ahmz1404

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P.S. And here is a special for you Tekken 7 Marshall Law Ten Hit Combo Tutorial. It is one of the most dangerous for opponents among all Tekken 7 Law move list.

Tekken 7 Marshall Law 10 Hit Combo Tutorial by Feral Ninja

...... and of course, Tekken 7 Law best juggle combos:

by Rush G

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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