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Matt "SourPiggy" Davila is a Tekken player from Puerto Rico living in Bear, Delaware, United States.

SourPiggy started playing games at a very young age and when his cousin introduced him to Tekken, it began his long-lasting experience with the franchise and fighting games. However, his competitive career would begin much later in 2016 when he competed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at Summer Jam X, taking 7th place at his very first tournament.

SourPiggy is a Julia main with pocket Anna and Katarina. His playstyle is rather aggressive and volatile. He excels at pressuring his opponents and finding holes in their defense. This often leads to SourPiggy cornering his opponents and forcing them in a situation where they need to stay sharp if they want to avoid deadly mixups.

Some of his best results include 13th place at Summer Jam XIII, 4th place at NEC 18, 7th at Summer Jam X, 9th place at Winter Brawl 12, 5th place at East Coast Throwdown 2018, 1st place at April Annihilation 2019, 3rd place at Defend the North 2019, 1st place at NEC 20, 3rd place at Kumite in Tennessee 2020, and 4th place at Tekken Online Challenge 2020.

You can find SourPiggy on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch.