Triumph of Chag at The Box: Juice Box #25

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Triumph of Chag at The Box: Juice Box #25
Pic Source: Team Liquid Twitch
It’s an exciting continuation of the weekly Smash Ultimate online series

As for now, this SSBU tournament by Team Liquid and HungryBox is pretty long-running - we’ve witnessed 25 events of The Box: Juice Box (with regular breaks for The Box: Lunch Box). And it is certainly a very interesting Smash show, so we at DashFight recommend checking it out.

On January 13, Santiago “Chag” Perez became the champion of Juice Box #25. He was the best among 512 attendees.

His run in the Top 64 part was quite successful. Chag defeated Peckham, Jeffrey “ATATA” Solberg, and Enrique “Maister” Hernandez (the winner of such tournaments as Juice Box #21, L4st’s Box, and Get Clipped #5).

In the Top 8 Finals, Chag played against Noah “Sharp” M. in the Semi-Final (3:1) and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby in the Final (3:0). The Grand Final was also against Sharp (one of the participants of Smash Bowl MMXXI) - with the same result 3:1.

Smash Ultimate tournament The Box: Juice Box #25 - Stream

Top 8 players of The Box: Juice Box #25

  • 1. Santiago “Chag” Perez (AAA) - Palutena
  • 2. Noah “Sharp” M. - Sephiroth / Diddy Kong / Joker / Wolf
  • 3. Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby (Team Liquid) - Min-Min
  • 4. Yezre'el “Yez” Askew (USAE PvE) - Ike
  • 5. Enrique “Maister” Hernandez (SSG) - Mr. Game & Watch
  • 5. Daniel “ven” Salas (SUGOI) - Zelda / Corrin
  • 7. Jestise “MVD” Negron (TG) - Richter
  • 7. Jeffrey “ATATA” Solberg (HPT) - Ness

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The winner of the previous Juice Box is Epic_Gabriel.