Proud Beard - a New Spirit Event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Proud Beard - a New Spirit Event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Pic Source: @SmashBrosJP Twitter
Let’s prove once again that SSBU connects generations of gamers

It’s amazing how accessible Smash Bros games are. You can start one as a small kid and then keep this passion till… ok, who knows till when, but certainly till the moment when boys can have nice bushy beards and long impressive mustaches. (Let’s not forget what we are talking about with all these dreams about splendid facial hair.) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have a chance to obtain those mustaches and beards in the virtual world with many SSBU Spirits of the upcoming event Proud Beard. Are you in?

Choose the Spirit Board among SSBU game modes and try to defeat spirits with facial hair (yep, there are a lot of such guys in the gaming heritage). Win the fights and get extra Spirit Points.

The Proud Beard event starts on January 15 and will last three days. Don’t miss the fun!

Spirit events give a great excuse to delve into the favorite game again and enjoy new types of fighting matches. One of the previous was Trio Power with fights against triple spirits. 

Another way to enjoy something fresh in Smash Ultimate is to play a new character. Have you already tried out the abilities of Sephiroth?