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Skullgirls Evo 2023 Results: Big Bang vs Black Dahlia

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 Skullgirls at Evo 2023: Big Bang vs Black Dahlia
There is a reason why three players in Top 6 have Big Bang in their teams. Only one has Black Dahlia, but she still could claim MVP!

Skullgirls is a special gem in the fighting games culture — for various reasons. It’s cool-looking and offers deep versatile mechanics. It is not very big, coming from an indie developer, but it remains viable competitively for quite a few years. In 2023, the game was present at Evo among the community tournaments.

Perhaps, an esports show of this level will motivate even more players to give this game a try.

Skullgirls at Evo 2023 | Stream, Top 6

Unlike at Evo 2022 we could not see SonicFox playing Skullgirls this year. Their primary competitor from that previous tournament, dekillsage, entered the Top 6 part through the Losers Brackets.

Reis had a very confident victory over BicepsAtMid in the Winners Semi-Final. Quite often, Black Dahlia was the most dangerous character in his team. In one of the games, she almost defeated the whole team of the opponent.

dekillsage had a great run through the Losers side. Only in the Final, he lost one game.

Skullgirls at Evo 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

Reis certainly had amazing moments — and not only thanks to Black Dahlia; his Parasoul also was threatening. But in the first match, dekillsage managed to win three games in a row and reset the bracket.

In the Grand Final Reset, Reis brought the fight to a matchpoint situation… but he could not use it fully. dekillsage recovered — and in the decisive game, his Big Bang faced two characters of Reis. In a spectacular style, Big Bang proved that he is one of the best in the game. And certainly, dekillsage is one of the best in Skullgirls.

dekillsage is Skullgirls Evo 2023 Champion. Congratulations!

Skullgirls Teams at Evo 2023

5. Sunset Radiance

5. SwingBeatz

4. DawnHibiki

3. BicepsAtMid

2. Reis

Black Dahlia

1. dekillsage

Top Moments

Black Dahlia of Rais destroys the team of BicepsAtMid.

Two Filias fight.

Black Dahlia vs Big Bang.

Big Bang doing magic.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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