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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


A normal Schoolgirl whose parents had long splintered off their Mafia-ridden roots only to be caught in the crossfire. Saved by Samson, a parasite, she now seeks answers.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 8

  • Mobility: 10

  • Assists: 6

  • Attack: 7




Filia is the daughter of a powerful and wealthy family, the Medici. One day her best friend Carol asks her to look after a dog named dog, and she reluctantly agrees to do so. Inside said dog lived Samson, a parasite.

Not long after, Carol is abducted. Filia felt immense guilt and helplessness over the situation. At the same time, Marie attacked her and her home over Marie’s grievances with the Medici family. Samson battles her, and Filia explains that her side of the family is disconnected from the Medici Marie is after. Marie calms down and tells them to leave the city that same night.

That night the other members of the Medici family were attacked, and most were killed. Some that still lived, Ottomo and Vitale, went to look for Filia’s parents. When they saw them packing and without injuries, they became enraged, believing they had something to do with the killings.

Filia’s parents were killed, Dog, the pet acting as host for Samson, was killed too, and Filia was injured and near death’s door. Samson then chooses to make Filia his host, to save him and her from death and enact revenge.


Even before her parasite, Samson befriended her; Filia was already a caring, somewhat naive girl. She primarily cared for her family and friends, like Carol. Her naivety can often be attributed to either her innocence as a young girl or her upbringing as part of a rich family. This trait can sometimes make it difficult for her to distinguish between good and evil people at first.


Filia is, at her core, a Rushdown character. Her high mobility and air pressure help her pierce past the neutral and start mixing up opponents. This aggression is backed up by her defensive options, one of which revolves around her 5-frame jab, one of the fastest in the game, as well as three reversals, one in the air, and an air reset to boot.


Prior to Samson’s befriending, Filia used to be slimmer with blonde and wavy hair. But in his possession, she features dark silky hair, with her slightly curvier figure resulting from Samson’s appetite. She dresses in her school uniform in-game, a white shirt, black tie, short mini-skirt, and thigh-high black leggings.

Key Information

Age: 16

Birthday: March 18th

Blood Type: AB

Parasite(s): Samson

Height: 5’4” (1.6m)

Weight: 142lbs (64kg)

Debut: Original release

Availability: Base Game

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