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Skullgirls at CEOtaku 2022: And the Winner is....

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Skullgirls at CEOtaku 2022: And the Winner is....
The Skullgirls tournament at CEOtaku was as action packed as one can expect, but it ended quite predictably

The Skullgirls tournament for CEOtaku 2022 is now over, and SonicFox, who came into the competition as one of the favorites, took the win in a scintillating display against Cloud in grand finals. 

This comes following Sonic's awesome win at Evo 2022, making them the undisputed top player in Skullgirls

The top 8 had some familiar names, but there was a notable absence in Dekillsage, who was not in top 8 after DQing earlier in the day. 

Skullgirls top 8 at CEOtaku 2022

Top 8

Top 8 started with a bang as SonicFox took on Adeveis and looked on the way to losers (or Hell, as it was called at CEOtaku) after suffering a 2-0 defeat. But in typical Sonic fashion, they were able to craft a sublime comeback with a combination of Annie (who was incredibly deadly), Robo-Fortune, and Ms. Fortune. SonicFox took the game 3-2 and did not look back from that point on. 

Hell bracket was just as anyone would imagine, and we were treated to some stellar displays, including some absolutely stunning Parasoul play from Gelato, who in the game against BicepsAtMid pulled off an incredible comeback after being put down to one character.


In another match featuring Gelato, we saw the Parasoul at work again, but this was in a mirror against Adeveis. It was such a good match, but Adeveis eventually ran out as the winner of that battle in the process setting up a game against Cloud, who had lost to Sonic in winners' final. 

Against Cloud, Adeveis did his best but was beaten with some ease as Cloud ran out a 3-0 winner to set up the run back against Sonic in grand finals.

Zone wars

Cloud started well in the final and even got the first game. At this point it was looking like there might be hope to force a reset, but, as Sonic had proved earlier against Adeveis, they just need to read the opponent for a game or two before unleashing devastating Annie pressure and damage to turn the tide. This was the case once again and Cloud was absolutely no match.

Cloud's great start

Sonic won the game, and the tournament becoming Skullgirls champion once more. On social media, Sonic posted a brief congratulatory message. At the end of the day, it was an awesome performance, but ultimately it was not the most surprising result as Sonic has shown how proficient they are at the game. 

Team Compositions

Here is a breakdown of the teams showcased by each of the top 8 players:









We'll be covering the rest of the action at CEOtaku 2022, and we'll have more for you on the website.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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