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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


Eliza is one of the antagonists of the Skullgirl game. She is a singer in the New Meridian Nightclub, Bastet’s Den. She also happens to harbor the parasite, Sekhmet and is on the hunt for the Skull HeartKnow more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Mobility: 8

  • Assists: 6

  • Attack: 9




Eliza is very old but is able to keep her youthful appearance thanks to the ample amounts of blood which she consumes. Therefore, there is little known about her past. She has been with Sekhmet so long that the two are more or less the same person now. While singing at the Den, she is called to meet with the Medicis, and in the meeting, she is threatened unless she obtains the Skull Heart for the Medicis. Since they know her secret, Eliza feels bound to do the Medicis' bidding. She is followed by Cerebella, who is there as a babysitter of sorts. Eliza had no intention of getting the Skull Heart for the Medicis, and when Cerebella finds out, Eliza kills her. She is eventually successful in getting the Skull Heart and proceeds to destroy it. 

When she is confronted by Filia, Eliza tries to convince Filia’s parasite, Samson, to join her, but Samson refuses, still blaming her in part for the death of his former host, Delilah. She defeats Filia and locks her up in hopes of extracting Samson into a more ‘suitable’ host.

Then Eliza prepares to confront the Medicis and end them so that she can once again be feared around the world.


Eliza is a narcissist who believes that she is the greatest being alive. She appreciates her beauty and has a god complex believing that she should be the sole ruler of the world. Eliza is more than happy to kill anyone whom she deems standing in her way. This was evidenced in how she killed Cerebella. She isn’t a fan of philanthropy and only does the blood drive to feed herself. 

However, Eliza does care about the image of parasites as she believes that they are more evolved beings who should be treated better. Therefore, she tends to be merciful towards parasites as she is with Samson and Leviathan, whom she wants to join her team. Also, it is evident that Eliza doesn’t maltreat her subordinates. 


Eliza is difficult to pin down in terms of a playstyle. She has a skeleton mode where Sekhmet comes out to fight, and in this mode, she loses health, but she can get it back in her normal form. The best way to describe Eliza is as a balanced character capable of playing both zoning and rushdown.


Eliza is elaborately dressed in a beautiful deep purple dress with the same colored shoes. Her outfit is paired with a large ankh which is incorporated into the dress. She wears bangles and a goddess crown. She also holds a staff, the top of which is a microphone, and the bottom juts out to look like a scythe with the eye of Horus on it.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Birthday: October 17

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 5'11

Weight: 160lbs

Blood Type: Any

Parasite: Sekhmet

Availability: DLC

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