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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Ms. Fortune
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Ms. Fortune

The last surviving member of the Fishbone Gang. Nadia Fortune lost all her companions after an attempt to rob Lorenzo Medici and gained the curse of immortality thanks to the power of the Life Gem. Now she lurks in the shadows, waiting for revenge.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 8

  • Mobility: 9

  • Assists: 3

  • Attack: 9




When Ms. Fortune was a child, she was adopted and raised by a group of four Dragonian thieves known as the Fishbone Gang. Years later, all of them together were on a mission to steal a Life Gem from the infamous mafia boss, Lorenzo Medici. Their plan failed, and the whole group perished. Ms. Fortune would be among them if not for the Life Gem that she swallowed at the last moment. Despite getting dismembered and decapitated, she not only survived but became immortal thanks to the power of the Life Gem.

Learning of the Skull Heart's powers, Ms. Fortune set her sights on fighting the Skullgirl and wishing for the return of her fallen comrades. Following the trail of mafia members, she runs into Valentine and Double, finding out that the Skullgirl is hiding out in the cathedral. After coming to the Grand Cathedral, she fights her way through to Marie. The Skullgirl suggests to her to unite against the Medicis instead, but Ms. Fortune insists on fighting and fulfilling her wish.

When faced with Skull Heart, Ms. Fortune starts having doubts, realizing that messing with the past would be wrong and that she has a new family in Little Inssmouth, her long-time friends Yu-Wan and Minette. As such, she destroys the Skull Heart instead and heads back home.

Yu-Wan greets her with the tragic news about Minette and other Dragonian women getting captured, with the mafia being the most likely culprit. After that, Ms. Fortune teams up with Irvin, the private detective, and sets out with a new goal of saving Minette and others.


Ms. Fortune is normally a very lighthearted person, keeping a playful attitude and even joking around in dangerous moments. Being a feline, she also inserts quite a few cat-themed puns in her speech. However, a more genuine and heartfelt personality comes out when it comes to those she considers friends.


Ms. Fortune is an incredibly strong character with a focus on offense and mobility. Her movement is some of the best in the game, with a double jump, run, airdash, and a DP, which she can use to jump forward while still able to attack. In close range, she presents an incredible threat with her unreactable overheads and a rekka series which she can use to both build meter, open up opponents, and reset pressure.

However, the strongest part of her gameplay starts when she tears off her own head by either spiking it down from the air or rolling it like a bowling ball. After this. Ms. Fortune can control her head separate from her body which allows her to create incredibly oppressive blockstrings and mixups. Since she can attack with the head while blocking, it even augments her defensive game, as she can quickly turn the tables.


Ms. Fortune is a young feline feral with blue eyes, tanned skin, and blond hair. Her catlike features are represented by long brown ears, pronounced canine teeth, a long brown tail, and claws on her hands and feet. Ms. Fortune also has very prominent scars all over her body, from neck to feet, due to her undead nature, the red muscle underneath is regularly exposed.

She wears a black collar with a bell, striped crop top, black fingerless gloves, a grey belt with utility pouches, and black underwear.  She also wears black ripped pants that flare out around the thighs and have been cut near the ankles. 

Key Information

Age: 20

Birthday: November 24th

Blood Type: B

Parasite(s): None

Height: 5'8" (173cm)

Weight: 127lbs (57kg)

Debut: Original release

Availability: Base roster

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