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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Big Band
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Big Band

Ben Birdland used to be a beat cop, patrolling the streets of the New Meridian. His corrupt colleagues didn't appreciate that, so one day, they ambushed, brutalized him, and left Ben for dead. However, he survived and was rebuilt to be part man, part machine.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 10

  • Mobility: 1

  • Assists: 8

  • Attack: 8




Ben Birdland was once a strong man with a mighty body and dedicated mind. But then, horrible things happening around him almost broke the guy. Ben fell into the whirl of the Grand War, and when he returned to civilian life, he became a policeman in New Meridian. As Ben understood later, being a cop in that city is even worse than awful war battles.

Not only was the job difficult mentally and emotionally, but also it ruined Ben’s health. After an accident, the guy was connected to an artificial lung with the prospect of remaining that way for many long years. Police kicked him off…

Suddenly, this situation turned out to be a chance for rebirth. People from the Anti-Skullgirl Labs decided to interfere with the fate of Ben Birdland. They built a totally new body that allows the former cop to breathe, move, and fight. A new personality was created, and it was Big Band.

In this new form, our character is similar to a full-fledged bass band. The difference is that Big Band is not eager to play music. He uses this unusual power to continue the matter of his lifetime — fight against evil. This time, the evil presents itself as the Skullgirl.

Big Band is not alone in this fight. The other members of the Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 know from practice how helpful his skills and knowledge are. Big Band gained respect in this organization, and probably, he’s found his proper place in life.


Big Band is an honest and reliable person. He was like this at war, and he managed to not lose this great quality even during his dark years in the police. It seemed like only two people in the whole department weren’t corrupted and followed the rules: Big Band (known as Ben Birdland back then) and his partner Irvin.

In the Anti-Skullgirl Labs, Big Band is the same good fellow. The younger colleagues consider him a kind of father, and the guy takes care of them. He is probably not that young and quick to fight Skullgirls himself, but Big Band has exceptional planning and organizational skills, and he uses them to reach the common noble goal.

Fighting Style

It is enough to just look at Big Band to understand his general playstyle. The character is big, slow, and very strong. His attacks deal super impressive damage, but it might not be easy to land them. Still, the defensive options of Big Band are also good — for example, he can parry attacks.

The big size makes Big Band rather vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. He can’t crouch and get untouched by some hits or projectiles. In general, playing Big Band is risky, so you should learn movesets of the opponents to feel when it’s safe to activate his various moves.


Big Band is one of the weirdest characters in the roster — and in the case of Skullgirls, that means a lot. He’s basically a huge dude who wears a detective-like outfit and has jazz instruments all over his body.

Key Information

Birthday: December 15

Age: 49

Real name: Ben Birdland

Height: 7'7" (231cm)

Weight5000 lbs. (only 95 lbs.are organic)

Availability: Base Game (2nd Encore)

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