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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


Beowulf is a wrestler, and he takes this experience to Skullgirl matches. The guy finished his career at the peak of glory, but then, Beowulf couldn’t find himself. The new Skullgirl gave him the motivation to fight again. Beowulf’s moveset is full of strong attacks and damaging wrestling tricks.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 6

  • Mobility: 3

  • Assists: 7

  • Attack: 7




As a wrestler, Beowulf is undefeated. He even managed to win his match against Grendel, an all-mighty Gigan warrior. That moment was the peak of Beowulf’s career, and he decided to quit the wrestling profession. Perhaps the tragic episode when Beowulf had to kill his Gigan mother played its role in this decision — she went crazy and started attacking the audience at a wrestling match.

Beowulf decided to follow his other ambitions, such as becoming a movie star. The result wasn’t as glorious as with wrestling. The guy apparently doesn’t have the acting talent, and his roles are rather mediocre. It’s quite a shock for an arrogant celebrity.

This experience opened Beowulf’s eyes to his life. First of all, he started digging deep into his own past to find out some hidden truth. But also, Beowulf wants to put his abilities to good use and help the world fight against Bloody Marie, the current Skullgirl.


Beowulf is a simple guy, although the wrestling successes added him some arrogance. He loves being popular and enjoys the attention of fans. His temper is a perfect one for wrestling — and probably, for fighting games as well. Beowulf is always ready to explode and defeat every opponent around.

Being gullible, Beowulf easily falls victim to greedy people. As a wrestler, he needs a skilled manager, and it's a risky field for abuse…

In general, Beowulf tries to be honest in every aspect. He’s eager to live up to the expectations of his fans. And he gives it all to everything he does, be that a wrestling match, battle against the Skullgirl, or multiplayer game matches for fun.

Fighting style

With this character, you get a typical wrestler. Beowulf even has a chair to slam the opponents.

The guy is very strong, and his attacks deal significant damage — if he lands them, of course. The power comes at a cost! The speed is not an advantage for Beowulf. 

As you would expect from such a fighter, he’s a good grappler. His throws are spectacular and effective.

Beowulf has magic in his arsenal as his former opponent Grendel helps him out during the fights. Yeah, Grendel is merely a wolf skin on the muscled shoulders of the wrestler. But some attacks involve the dangerous hand and fist of Grendel that appear from nowhere and hit the victim.

As a good wrestler, Beowulf should use hilarious taunts. Such (and some other) actions increase the level of the Hype Mechanic. Activate various special attacks with this resource and enjoy the wrestling show, devastating for the opponent.


Beowulf is a mighty muscular guy, as a decent wrestler should be. He’s wearing wolf skin, which is his trophy from the fight against Grendel.

Another attribute of Beowulf is a chair. It’s part of his wrestling image.

Key Information

Birthday: March 31

Age: 37

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 287 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Parasite: Grendel (kind of a Parasyte, rather an Assistant)

Availability: Base Game (2nd Encore)

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