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Beowulf is a wrestler, and he takes this experience to Skullgirl matches. The guy finished his career at the peak of glory, but then, Beowulf couldn’t find himself. The new Skullgirl gave him the motivation to fight again. Beowulf’s moveset is full of strong attacks and damaging wrestling tricks.Know more

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Beowulf Guide

Beowulf is a pretty unique character (and not only because he is one of only two male fighters in Skullgirls). Imagine you take a hero from a beat 'em up title and put them into a fighting game. Yep, that sounds like the recipe for creating Beowulf.

This guy is really good at damaging his opponents, but he does this better at a close range. It might not be easy to do safely, considering the abilities of other Skullgirl characters. So, you need to put a decent effort into practicing.

This Beowulf guide on DashFight will help you with the process. Please, check out the detailed info on the character, his movesets, examples of combos, and tips on gameplan with him.


The guy had a glorious career in professional wrestling. In fact, Beowulf was a legend! He lost no match, having a mindblowing score of 32:0. In addition to that, people clearly remember the toughest opponent Beowulf managed to defeat — Grendel of the Gigan race (with his mother who tried to eat the audience after that match).

Beowulf quit pro wrestling at the peak of his personal glory. And then, his life entered a much darker period.

The guy trusted his manager, who cared only about money. New contracts took Beowulf into acting, but his roles were rather mediocre (to say the least). Soon enough, people started forgetting the wrestling achievements and associated Beowulf only with those bad films.

And the main problem wasn't really the lack of attention towards his name. Beowulf began thinking that he hasn’t yet unleashed his full potential. There should be an even mightier opponent to defeat. And probably, the guy must do this beyond the wrestling matches to make a bigger impact on the world.

Can Beowulf fight against as powerful opponents as a new Skullgirl? Can he contribute to saving the Canopy Kingdom?

Beowulf in Skullgirls

There was no such a character in the original version of the game. During the Indiegogo campaign, the community voted for Beowulf to become the fifth DLC character. 

In Skullgirl 2nd Encore, Beowulf is a part of the base game.


Beowulf is the most effective at close range. He has a great grab and can convert it into combos and great damage. But he is not your traditional grappler. Beowulf has pretty unusual fighting options thanks to his Grab Stance mechanic, which helps him gain meter, deal damage, or extend pressure. The Hype for Beowulf is a precious resource that affects Special Moves and Grab Stance finishers — knowing how to gain and spend Hype is important knowledge for Beowulf players.

The character uses his folding chair, The Hurting, and some of his moves change depending on whether this tool is on him or not. The chair works as a projectile, expanding the active range for this character — Beowulf just throws it with one of his Specials. With The Hurting on, a few Heavy attacks become faster and have a bigger range. Without it, Beowulf uses the giant hand of Grendel, gaining additional might but losing speed. 

Beowulf is especially strong at mixups. He effectively confuses opponents with many available attacks, finds an opening, and then keeps the pressure going. Thanks to some EX Grab Stance finishers, Beowulf easily converts hits and finds the best positioning to not let the victim go.

In general, Beowulf is a rushdown character but with substantial dependence on resources (Hype and the meter).

Beowulf’s Chair

The character has a folding chair named The Hurting, and it significantly affects his moveset. Beowulf’s 5HP, 2HP, 2HK, and j.HP are different depending on whether he has the chair on him or not. Without the chair, Beowulf cannot perform 236P (which actually removes The Hurting), 2K, and 236 MP+MK/HP+HK — all these moves use the chair.

It’s difficult to say which mode is better. Chairless Beowulf just plays differently — even if those moves become unsafe. His 5HP and j.HP lead to Grab Stance on hit. The guy uses Grendel’s hand to hit opponents with 2HP and 2HK — the moves are bigger but slower. Crouching Heavy Punch hits twice. Crouching Heavy Kick deals significantly higher damage and covers a lot of space.

With no chair, Beowulf can cancel normals using KK, Take a Seat (near The Hurting). Basically, it’s a move to take the chair, but it is also useful for extending combos.

At the same time, using the chair means having effective disjointed normals. 236P, Hurting Hurl, is a chair projectile with universal uses (depending on the L/M/H power), and it’s great in the fights. 236HP is a meterless reversal.

Basically, the differences between chair and chairless moves expand the fighting options for Beowulf. And therefore, you have more character features to learn. With enough practice, you will develop a general understanding of different abilities and will become able to make quick and correct decisions on what type of move to use and when to do so.

Spend enough time in the training mode, experiment with chair/chairless abilities in actual fights, and you will master this interesting aspect of Beowulf’s moveset.

Grab Stance

On the surface, everything is pretty straightforward with this condition — Beowulf grabs his opponent, holds them in the air, and delivers various hits. But the deeper you dig into this feature, the more complicated it becomes. This also means you have creative freedom with Grab Stance. But again, to use this freedom in full, you need to understand available options and practice them enough to develop lightning-speed reactions.

Beowulf starts Grab Stance with:

  • Throw and Air Throw
  • 2MK
  • Chairless 5HP and j.HP
  • Airwulf (214KK)
  • Wulf Shoot (236LP+LK)
  • Wulfamania (632147896 LP+LK)
  • Three Wulf Moonsault 214PP — press down PP at the end of this Super; it consumes 2 levels of Hype

This condition continues for a specific period of time, for a specific number of Beowulf actions, or until the character performs a finishing move.

If you do nothing in Grab Stance, Beowulf performs default moves after some time:

  • Wulfamania on the ground
  • Da Grendel Killa on the ground if it’s Grab Stance after Wulfamania
  • Canis Major Press in the air

The time when you should perform an action in Grab Stance differs depending on the action it was activated. This difference in frames starts tricky math in playing Beowulf, but it’s not necessary to calculate that — just keep this feature in mind.

Another level of math for Beowulf is the number of actions he can perform after different Grab Stance starters. This aspect is pretty important, as it’s better not to run out of actions before you activate a finisher.

  • j.HP (with no chair) and Airwulf — 1
  • 2MK and 5HP (with no chair) — 2
  • Throw or after Three Wulf Moonsault — 4
  • Wulf Shoot and Wulfamania — 5

These possible Grab Stance moves consume one action:

  • Berserker Headbutt (P during Grab Stance) — to quickly build the meter;
  • Naegling Knee Lift (K during Grab Stance) — to focus on dealing damage.

These moves end Grab Stance; they are finishers:

  • Wulf Press Slam (6 or 4P)
  • Diving Wulfdog (6K)
  • Da Grendel Killa (4K)
  • Geatish Trepak (2K)
  • Canis Major Press (2P in the air)
  • Snapback (236 MP+MK/HP+HK), an opponent is just thrown out of the screen

Let us tell you this once again — the calculations, action numbers, and the choice of a specific move require patient practice from your side. The Grab Stance mechanic opens many possibilities for Beowulf players, but it’s not the easiest aspect to learn. Everything should be brought to the automatic level, when you just activate the proper stuff at the proper moment — with the magic of muscle memory.


It’s a unique feature of Beowulf that significantly enhances his abilities. It’s mainly not about just delivering bigger damage (you can do this as well). Hype unlocks EX finishes for Grab Stance and changes some Specials. It’s your role to weave them into Beowulf’s flow of actions. The mechanic opens new depth in playing Beowulf.

How to gain Hype?

  • 5LP — hold the button to turn the jab into a taunt. After 35 frames, you get one level of Hype.
  • 5MP — again, you need to hold this button to gain Hype. Beowulf drops the mic and gets 1/3 of a Hype level. If you use a few 5MP in a combo, only the first one gains Hype.
  • 5HK — when this attack causes the stagger effect, Beowulf gains 1/3 of a Hype level.
  • Any Grab Stance Finisher gives you 1 Level Hype, but only when Beowulf is on Level 0.
  • Any Grab Stance Finisher + slamming onto The Hurting gains 1 Level. The feature also works with Beowulf’s assist. You can get only one level from a finisher, and you have it by default with the character on Level 0.
  • 22KK, EX Chair Recall — hold K to gain 1 Level. Remember that the move costs 3 Levels of Hype.
  • Taunt, LP, MP, 6, LK, MK — with taunting his opponents, Beowulf gains 3 levels of Hype.
  • Wulfamania, 632147896 LP+LK — when this Super Move lands, you gain 3 Levels of Hype.

How can Beowulf spend Hype?

Hype changes Grab Stance finishers, giving them additional properties.

PP or KK — press the punch or kick button twice while Grab Stance is active. Thus Beowulf performs an EX version of his moves:

  • Wulf Press Slam, 6PP or 4PP — this move is losing its finisher feature with EX, so Beowulf keeps his opponent in Grab Stance after the Slam. The recovery is 4 frames longer.
  • Diving Wulfdog, 6KK — again, it’s an opportunity for Beowulf to prolong Grab Stance as EX Dive doesn’t interrupt this condition. The damage is smaller, and the recovery is 10 frames longer.
  • Da Grendel Killa, 4KK — the damage becomes lower, but options for follow-ups are more convenient. After getting hit by EX Da Grendel Killa, an opponent is launched close to Beowulf.
  • Geatish Trepak, 2KK — you get Wall Splat instead of Knockdown on hit. Also, the EX Move is +6 on block (instead of -28). The recovery becomes longer (89 frames instead of 58).
  • Canis Major Press, in the air 2PP — the EX version deals bigger damage and causes a longer Hard Knockdown. The recovery is slightly shorter.

Also, the character can perform EX versions of these two Specials:

  • EX Wulf Blitzer, 236KK (after at least one usual 236K) — Beowulf gets an additional blitzer, +1 to every regular one. In total, the character gets up to 6 blitzers on the ground or up to 5 in the air. One EX move costs 1 level of Hype.
  • EX Take a Seat, 22KK — the chair returns to Beowulf from any place on the stage. It costs 3 Hype levels.

Best Buttons

The neutral game of Beowulf is pretty straightforward. The character has some quite good buttons.

  • 2LP is very quick. It can be used as an anti-air if an opponent air-dashes low. 
  • j.LP — it’s a super quick air-to-air option. You can use it right after blocking an opponent’s attack. In combination with hop dash. j.LP becomes a very good overhead. The attack can have an easy confirmation thanks to 24 frames of blockstun.
  • Hop Dash, 66 or PP — Beowulf hops and dashes so he can perform Light and Medium air moves while dashing. This feature may confuse an opponent as everything is happening fast, and it’s unclear how to block.
  • 5MP is a basic punch with rather an average range. It can be part of high/low mixups — when you hold the button, Beowulf drops the mic and performs an overhead. Also, this button is a way to gain Hype.
  • 5HP — the chairless version starts Grab Stance, and it’s an important part of Beowulf’s gameplan.
  • j.HP — this is one of the biggest neutral attacks by Beowulf. With the chair, it has a large hitbox. The attack does not reach that far without the chair, but it is still pretty big. Activation of Grab Stance with j.HP is a good feature of this air move.
  • 2HP is a good anti-air. Beowulf uses the chair, so the hitbox is big and disjointed.
  • 2LK — Beowulf performs a very quick hit. This poke reaches far and hits low.
  • 5MK is useful thanks to the forward movement. It might be a way to quickly approach and open up an opponent.
  • 5HK moves Beowulf forward a bit more than 5MK, but the heavy kick is slower. If it staggers, you gain 1/3 of a Hype level.
  • 2HK — it hits quicker with the chair, but the chairless version (Beowulf uses Grendel's arm) is significantly longer and deals bigger damage. 
  • j.LK — this is another quick overhead for Beowulf.    
  • j.MK — the animation of this attack is similar to 5MK, but Beowulf hits high, and it may confuse an opponent. It’s also a way to move forward quickly.

Specials of Beowulf

This section of Beowulf’s moveset is whirling around his wrestling and beat 'em up fighting style. 

  • Hurting Hurl, 236P — Beowulf throws the chair in different ways. 236LP is a horizontal projectile that hits low. 236MP is an overhead; it hits twice. 236HP is invulnerable; Beowulf throws the chair through the whole screen (parabolically); it’s a meterless reversal. Hurting Hurl has many various uses, so Beowulf players should pay close attention to it.
  • Wulf Blitzer, 236K — it’s a great tool for fast movements toward an opponent. Wulf Blitzer shines especially bright thanks to Hype. You spend one Hype Level and get one extra dash for each standard Blitzer. With proper practice, you can perform a series of destructive dashes, which chase an opponent in the air. The L/M/P versions have different trajectories — training is needed to feel what button to press..
  • Wulf Shoot, 236 LP+LK — Beowulf activates Grab Stance with 5 available actions. It’s a command grab, but the startup is visually similar to Wulf Blitzer, so this is a good way to confuse an opponent.
  • Take a Seat, KK — It’s a move to get back The Hurting. This Special is quick, so many players use it to cancel Beowulf’s normals. The EX version (22KK) doesn’t require standing close to the chair. After 44 frames, the character can act further even if The Hurting is still not on him.

Beowulf’s Super Moves

  • Gigantic Arm, 236PP, Level 1 — it’s a very strong attack; Beowulf hits with Grendel’s hand. The hitbox is big both horizontally and vertically, so the move reaches far (fullscreen) and affects opponents in the air. The move is Fully Invulnerable and can be used as a reversal. The victim is pushed back strongly; with Wall Splat. Gigantic Arm is unsafe on block, -46. The damage by this move is high. When the victim is on the ground, you can use OTG, so that 236PP becomes even a combo starter.
  • Airwulf, 214KK, Level 1 — this is an anti-air move with full Invulnerability. Beowulf grabs an opponent and starts the Grab Stance condition. If you land on the chair, you gain one level of Hype. If Airwulf whiffs, Beowulf can act freely in the air and perform other attacks.
  • Three Wulf Moonsault, 214PP, Level 3 — this spectacular Super deals great damage, and many players prefer using it to kill an opponent. The move consists of two initial uppercuts and a finishing one — with the following moon-howling animation. Press 2PP at the end of this Super for conversion and Grab Stance. If Beowulf lands on the chair, he deals additional damage (+500).
  • Wulfamania, 632147896 LP+LK, Level 3 — with landing this Super, Beowulf gains three levels of Hype and can activate many EX finishers one more time. This is a command grab that opens various conversion options.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Two primary strengths of this character are his mixup game and the damage he deals.

Various mixups become possible thanks to lots of available options — and you need to practice to know them well. This aspect becomes especially strong thanks to the Hype mechanic as you get additional moves (EX Grab Stance finishers and Specials). The oki options of this character are exceptional. For example, Beowulf performs Canis Major Press to cause a longer Hard Knockdown and then confuse the opponent with 50/50s.

Grab Stance is a remarkable condition. Beowulf can use it to extend his pressure or just deal bigger damage. With various EX finishers, you can focus on better positioning and conversion.

The character is strong on the ground. And with his straightforward wrestling moves, he is one of the best Skullgirls characters for beginners — he is great to have fun with, and still, he opens an impressive depth, so you can stick with him while your skills are improving. Mastering all his options requires significant practice, but this process is pretty rewarding.

The multidimensional depth is kind of a weakness for Beowulf as beginners have no access to his full potential. 

The air game is an obvious weakness. Beowulf doesn’t have really good air supers, and his air mobility is rather limited. He has to use Wulf Blitzer, Hop Dash, and j.HP to reach an opponent.

Beowulf’s assists could be better, so he does not shine beyond the Point role.

Having only one meterless reversal, Heavy Hurting Hurl, 236HP, can also be called a weakness. It is throwing the chair, and if The Hurting is off, Beowulf has to use the meter for reversals (which are pretty important for Skullgirls fights).

Gameplan with Beowulf in Skullgirls

While playing this character, you want to use his far-reaching buttons to land a hit and then grab an opponent to activate the Grab Stance condition. With the variety of available actions, Beowulf has good opportunities to deal big damage, finish combos with knockdown, and then use the oki options to continue the pressure.

The Hype mechanic is very important for Beowulf’s plan. This feature makes the character great with his beat ‘em up fighting style. You have a good selection of conversions to not let an opponent go.

Beowulf in Skullgirls Teams

The character is the best on Point. For better performance, Beowulf needs high-hitstun assists — to let the guy gain Hype through taunts. Also, assists should help the wrestler open up opponents in neutral.

His own assists do not allow Beowulf to be effective in other positions.

Beowulf’s Assists

  • Hurting Hurl, 236P is a common assist choice for this character. L/M/H versions are projectiles and might be helpful with space control. 236LP hits low and can be used for combos. With 236HP, the chair is thrown far, so you can reach an opponent who tries to keep a distance. The chair cooldown is a downside of this assist. If Beowulf does not have The Hurting, he will appear and perform a taunt. A long startup makes it easy for opponents to avoid this assist
  • 2HP — only the chairless variant is decent. It hits twice and applies 33 frames of hitstun.
  • 2HK — it’s an armored sweep without the chair. This assist reaches far but cannot be converted into combos.
  • Wulf Shoot, 236 LP+LK — its advantage is being a fast and far-reaching command grab; the disadvantage is a long startup.

Beowulf’s Combos

Here are some BnBs for this Skullgirl character:

  • 2LK -> 2MP -> 2HK
  • 2LK -> 2MP -> 5HK -> 236LK~9K~2K -> OTG 2MK -> Canis Major or Headbutt/Knee, Da Grendel Killa
  • 2LK -> 2MP -> 2HP -> 236HP -> OTG 2HK -> 236PP
  • 2LK -> 2MP -> 5HK -> 236LK~9K~2K -> 2LK -> 5MP -> 5HK -> 236LK~9K~2K -> 2LP -> 5LK -> hold 5MP -> 5HK -> 236LK~8K~2K -> OTG 2MK -> Knee, Geatish Trepak (Da Grendel Killa if chairless)
  • 2LK -> 2MP -> 2HP -> j.LP -> j.LK delay jMP (restand) -> 5HK Wulf Shoot (Knee x4, Headbutt) -> 5LK -> 2MP -> L Blitzer[6 2] -> 5LP -> 5LK -> hold 5MP -> 5HK -> L Blitzer[8 2] -> OTG 2MK Knee, Grendel
  • 236HP -> 236LK~6K~2K -> 2LP -> 2MP -> 2HP -> 5LK ->  hold 5MP -> 5HP Moonsault

How to Fight Against Beowulf in Skullgirls

Be aware of how heavily rushdown this character is and how strongly he is dependent on resources. Don’t let Beowulf play his game — exploit his weak air movement and limited long-range options.

These characters can relatively easily outplay Beowulf:

Penguin Referee

We definitely have to keep the most important part for the very end of our Beowulf guide — the Penguin Referee feature. His mysterious appearances keep the Skullgirls community excited. And here is the secret of summoning the creature:

  • EX Wulf Blitzer, 236KK. When your opponent is on their last character with 1550HP or less; when Beowulf has three levels of Hype, or he uses two of them in one combo with 236KK — finish the opponent with EX Wulf Blitzer and enjoy the penguin coming to the scene.

Does such a referee change anything in the game? Yep, it creates your special mood and proves your skills in the game. That’s a lot!

To win many Skullgirls matches with Beowulf, you definitely should be ready to practice this character a lot. On the one hand, his moveset is straightforward and easy to comprehend — he’s a wrestler, after all. But many Hype-related options open additional possibilities in fights, and time needed to learn and understand them. 

Also, the character has some annoying risks, like difficulties in approaching quick opponents. But if you are patient with the guy, you will be rewarded.

But something you get with Beowulf even with no practice. He is just fun to play, so let yourself enjoy the wrestler.

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