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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


Shape-shifting monstrosity who worships the Trinity and guards the Skull Heart from those who are not worthy. Little is known about this mysterious entity, from origin to its natural form.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 4

  • Assists: 8

  • Attack: 7




Double's a devout servant of the Trinity, a mysterious trio of goddesses who created Skull Heart with plans of creating Skullgirls to destroy the world. As such, Double spends much of their time tending to the Grand Cathedral and seeking out worthy Skullgirl candidates.

Marie was a war orphan who fled her home and was one such candidate. Using her vulnerability, Double converted Marie into a Skullgirl, promising that this would allow for her desires to be fulfilled. Unexpectedly for Double and the Trinity, Marie possessed a surprisingly strong will and managed to resist the Skull Heart's influence, using its power and Double's assistance to go after her own goal of crushing the Medici family.

Displeased with Marie's resistance and disobedience, Double began finding and capturing other candidates, including Peacock, despite Marie insisting that Double should not harm her. This eventually led to Double confronting Marie and emerging victorious. Following their fight, Double chose the new Skullgirl and consumed the failed candidates.


Just like their real appearance, Double's personality is an impenetrable mystery. What we do know is that Double's devotion for the Trinity runs deep, and when they do show emotion, it's usually rage against those who wronged or went against the Trinity. Outside of that, she can be seen making use of her shapeshifting abilities to secretly pull the strings and find someone who would be worthy of becoming the next Skullgirl.


Double is an incredibly solid, well-rounded, and surprisingly beginner-friendly character. A lot of their strength comes from having an excellent selection of normals that aren't just good in and of themselves but also give them options for any situation. On top of that, she has access to proper zoning tools with Parasoul's Luger, good jump-in attacks with cross-up options, and their assists open up a lot of room for simple but effective mixups.

The downside is that their defense is on the weaker side. As a big body character, it's easier for characters to land hits on you, and Double's reversals are lacking, either being unsafe or not granting many rewards if they do land.


Being able to change their shape at will, Double does not have one definitive appearance. When out of battle, she often takes on the form of a young blonde nun. However, she drops this disguise in battle, revealing a mass of writhing blood, flesh, and bone that slightly resembles a humanoid. In this form, the gold protrusions on their head are one of their most distinct features, resembling Mother, one part of the Trinity. When attacking, she will mostly assume the form of other characters.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: All/None

Parasite(s): None

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Debut: Original release

Availability: Base roster

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