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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


She is a zombie but a unique one. With some help from the Parasyte Leviathan, Squigly keeps her mind and personality. The mother turned her into undead, but Squigly defeated that Skullgirl. Now, she is among the alive again and fights in the Skullgirls matches together with her devoted Parasyte.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 3

  • Mobility: 5

  • Assists: 6

  • Attack: 10




What would you do if a powerful clan suddenly attacked your family to steal a magical artifact? Selene, as one of the leaders of the Contiello family, made the brave decision to use Skull Heart and defeat the Medici clan.

Of course, the magic of Skull Heart is tricky. Selene did not pass the test of purity. Her wish turned out to be corrupted by some egoistic energies, so the result wasn’t exactly what she expected. Everyone in Contiello was revived, but they took the undead form. Those mindless zombies formed an army and attacked effectively. Is this what Selene really wanted for her people? And yeah, she was turned into the Skullgirl.

Still, her daughter avoided the fate of all the relatives. Thanks to the family’s Parasyte, Leviathan, Sienna Contiello kept her personality — and turned into an intelligent, conscious undead. Her new name is Squigly.

The girl gets amazing powers, and she uses them to stop the growing fight. Squigly defeated Skullgirl and thus brought peace between families. Lorenzo Medici decided to settle the conflict and be more careful in the further actions of his clan. To not let anyone discover the truth of those events, Lorenzo sewed the mouth of Squigly. She had returned to her “eternal” sleep by then.

The state of death continued for Squigly till a new Skullgirl did almost the same thing — Bloody Marie created an army of undead. Again, Leviathan saved her friend from the stupidity of a zombie.

A new life has started for Squigly. The girl is strong enough to win many game fights. Sure, she totally needs your assistance in Skullgirls matches!


Squigly has all the qualities of a noble lady — as it should be for a Contiello girl. Her manners are perfect, and she is calm and restrained. Squigly prefers focusing on her goals and puts every effort necessary to complete important missions. 

The best friend of Squigly is Leviathan. Not only does the Parasyte save the girl from the mindless obscure, but also, he continues protecting Squigly and taking care of her like a father. In turn, Squigly is immensely grateful and treasures her relationship with Leviathan.


In fights, Squigly prefers to keep a distance between her opponents. The long-range options are the strongest in the character’s moveset. To reach the victims, Squigly uses Leviathan — friendship helps them be in perfect harmony.

Many of the ground attacks of Squigly are slow but mighty and damaging. She fights pretty well in the air.

As a successor of an opera singer clan, Squigly uses her voice to create a projectile or drag her opponent closer.


This character is a zombie and looks like a zombie, with pale blue skin and a sewn mouth. Leviathan is a long serpent that partially wreathes the girl and then penetrates her head and looks at the world from the top.

Key Information

Birthday: November 2

Age: 28 (she died at 14)

Real name: Sienna Contiello

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 118 lbs.

Blood Type: Embalmed (formerly A-)

Parasite: Leviathan

Availability: Base Game (2nd Encore)

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