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Pre-Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Pre Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6 Tier List
Who are you picking as your main for the biggest Evo so far?
  1. Table of Content

  2. S-Tier
  3. A-Tier
  4. B-Tier
  5. C-Tier

With Evo 2023 just around the corner, a record-breaking one for Street Fighter at that, there has been no shortage of discussion as to which characters are the most powerful or versatile in the competitive scene.

Heavily contributing to the uncertainty as to which characters will perform the best at the Evo stage is the release of Rashid as the first newly introduced fighter in Street Fighter 6. The biggest issue with Rashid was the close release to the tournament, and a bug with his moveset has since been fixed.

However, with the latest patch, come seems confident that the game is ready for the most significant tournament the franchise has ever seen so far. With over 7000 players registered to play, there will be no shortage of people playing with all sorts of characters.


There is a very high chance any or all of these characters will reach the top 6. For many players, these characters have the best foundation to build a deep run into Evo's bracket. Luke could be one of the most potent characters going into the tournament with a strong moveset that sees him open for good matchups against virtually everyone else.

Of course, you can't discount good fundamentals from the players themselves. These characters are nothing without great players behind them, and the reality is that plenty of great Lukes, Guiles Juris, and Kens can absolutely make the most out of all of the tools and resources these characters have and reach the later stages of Evo 2023.


These characters have a lot of potential. Just because they are a tier-down doesn't mean that they are not great, and you will likely find a good number of players playing these characters and having incredible runs at Evo 2023. Alternatively, they can be a fantastic secondary or even pocket pick for players who want a better on-paper matchup in certain situations.

Some matchups can be one-sided in their favor or against them, but if utilized correctly, they could probably get away with a top 6 finish. When you have guys like Big Bird winning tournaments with Marisa, that is a testament not just to the ability of Big Bird but to Marisa herself, so don't sleep on any of these. They can go far.


The B-Tier is a little bit of a mixed bag. These could undoubtedly go far in a tournament bracket on account of great mechanics, but they still fall somewhat short when it comes to other matchups. They might be able to do well against each other or some of the opponents above, but things start to break down when you have to face characters like Luke or Juri.


We're not saying these two characters are unplayable or even bad, but they are very specific. Unless you are a complete specialist, you'll probably struggle to get the most out of these characters, especially with the matchups above.

If you love an underdog story, keep an eye out for any Zangief players going deep into the bracket. You know they're giving it their absolute best, are likely very well prepared for most matchups, and thus deserve your cheers.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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