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Online WarriorZ #13. What’s on the EU DBFZ Scene?

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Online WarriorZ #13. What’s on the EU DBFZ Scene?
Pic Source: Tyrant_UK on Twitch
France is still strongly dominating

DBFZ competition continues in different regions. In the US, we recently witnessed tough fights of a pretty big offline event, Texas Showdown 2023. Meanwhile, European players polish their skills in regular online tournaments of Online WarriorZ, organized by Tyrant.

We haven’t checked out this series for quite a while, so it’s interesting to take a look at what’s happening on the DBFZ EU scene.

DBFZ Esports | Online WarriorZ #13 | Stream

Jarhad brought the power of two Fusions and Lab Coat to the tournament (having 21 on Mid). But you know, that never guarantees an easy victory against top-level players.

In the Quarter-Final, Jarhad faced Noka and won 2:1. The Semi-Final against ZioPeppe was a bit easier (or it looked so). 

In the Winners Final Jarhad reached the verge of falling into the lower side. OBAssassin lost two games in that match but then switched to another team and got a 2:2 situation. He was so close to a wonderful comeback, and still, Vegito and Lab Coat of Jarhad did not let that happen.

Kasuga fell to the Losers after the Quarter-Final match vs OBAssassin. He had to eliminate quite a few opponents and take his mighty revenge on OBAssassin to eventually reach the Grand Final and face Jarhad.

Kasuga was in a similar situation at Online WarriorZ #7, where he played in the GF on the Losers side and won the tournament. Is this what happened in #13 too?

DBFZ Esports | Online WarriorZ #13 | Stream, Grand Final

Two French players in the Grand Final? It seems like the DBFZ tradition is still super strong in this country. 

Jarhad had a very good start, surviving with just a little health in game 1. Kasuga managed to win game 2. But eventually, Jarhad totally used his skills and the power of his team to celebrate the victory.

Jarhad is the Champion of Online WarriorZ #13. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Online WarriorZ #13

5. Ju_Nanago

5. ZioPeppe

3. OBAssassin

2. Kasuga

1. Jarhad

Some Top Moments

“Who told you Blue Gogeta struggles solo?”

OBAssassin was so close to that clutch…

“You may have that tail, but my Lab Coat is fancier”

“5M and you are dead”

Do you know what’s great about online matches? The next tournament is always right around the corner, so the participants have fresh chances to prove their mettle, and the viewers may enjoy many more fights — to have fun and learn something. We sure will keep an eye on Online WarriorZ.

The North American players have other online series to compete in. What about checking out the matches of FighterZ Duel Academy?

We still need big offline tournaments to see pros from different regions playing against each other. The most recent was BBB 2023, with players from NA, EU, and Japan. And the next is probably Combo Breaker 2023, which is planned for May 26-28. Will you be there?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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