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LG UltraGear Fight Night Street Fighter V recap

Alex Samonov
4 min

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LG UltraGear Fight Night Street Fighter V recap
Enjoy a short recap of the day of the Street Fighter V contest.

LG UltraGear Fight Night continues with some world-class Street Fighter V this time, with quite an unusual ruleset - 60-second rounds and 3 rounds to win. Here's a quick summary of the night full of intense non-stop action. 

Birdie all over the place

It all started in South America with a lot of familiar faces for those who watch Capcom Pro Tour and other regional tournaments. Due to different game ruleset, there were more time-out wins than usual, however, this made the sets even more intense, with mistakes less punished and more room to take the tactical advantage. 

MenaRD, the 2020 Capcom Pro Tour Online winner, literally overwhelmed the whole upper bracket with his Birdie, leaving Dark, Mono, and Pauloweb behind. DR Ray despite being sent to losers pretty early made an impressive climb from the very bottom, switching between Ibuki and Vega, but Pauloweb's signature Laura was too much for him as the Brazilian was the one to progress to the Grand Finals to face MenaRD once again. 

The Dominican once again showed no mercy to his opponent with a confident 3-0 win, as Pauloweb's Poison nor Laura were ready for such masterful Birdie play. So here the South America champion has been crowned and we're moving on to the North

9:55 PMBO5MenaRDflag

Punk's dominance

It was time for players from North America East to enter the stage. How about the Punk vs iDom already in the very first set of the tournament? Unfortunately for Capcom Сup 2019 champion, he was sent to Losers this early just to be eliminated by MetroM in first to 1 set. 

Punk showed why he's considered one of the strongest Street Fighter V players in the world right now by walking tall straight to the Grand Finals, switching between Karin and Ken to send iDom, Shine, and Sabin to the Losers. DR Mandrake was on point with his Urien. Despite being sent to the lower bracket by Sabin, he managed to reach Losers Finals and had an opportunity for revenge, but world-class Dhalsim appeared to be too much for him.

Sabin learned his lesson and came very close to resetting the bracket by going 2-0 right away against Punk in the Grand Finals, but his rival was determined to earn another trophy. Instead of switching from his signature Karin, he changed the V-Trigger and won the set in a reverse sweep fashion. With Punk wrapping up another tournament victory, we're moving on to East Asia for the last event of the day.

1:05 AMBO5Punkflag

Of Beasts and Kings

Probably the best possible way to end this Street Fighter V event was with the Asia tournament, a homeland of some absolute legends of the fighting game community, some of which we were able to see in action. Unfortunately, the Korean veteran Infiltration dropped out due to personal reasons. 

East Asia tournament showed us some wild action with a completely different roster of characters than we've seen earlier. Daigo The Beast did what he usually does and was first to make all the way up to the Grand Finals, sending NL and Oil King to the Losers. Despite being once defeated, NL has shown a lot of confidence switching between Cammy and Ryu against GamerBee and Momochi but was stopped by Oil King's Seth in the Losers Finals.

Daigo and his Guile were placed against Oil King once again, and Japanese legend finished the tournament with a comfortable 3-0 victory. But the final score of the set doesn't represent the actual course of the match since literally every game was as close as possible. With the last winner crowned, the whole series of these crazy Street Fighter tournaments came to an end. 

3:40 AMBO5Daigoflag
flagOil King

That's it for LG UltraGear Fight Night. We witnessed a lot of insane matches, but most importantly we had another awesome celebration of the fighting game community. Thanks for tuning in! Stay with DashFight for all the fresh news and info about your favorite disciplines, players, characters, and events.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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