CPT 2021 Brazil 1: Nash to Enter SFV Capcom Cup VIII

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CPT 2021 Brazil 1: Nash to Enter SFV Capcom Cup VIII
The Street Fighter community is enjoying so many top-level events. Have you watched the streams of the recent CPT in Brazil? Here is DashFight’s recap

Brazil has lots of strong fighting game players. Alas, the international community doesn’t have many chances to see their skills and playstyle — often, these guys don’t have the possibility to travel abroad and participate in big tournaments.

For instance, DARK qualified for CPT 2019 Latin America Regional Finals but couldn’t play in the event due to some visa issues.

Capcom decided to open doors for SFV Brazilians by introducing two of their own CPT qualifiers this year — CPT Brazil 2021. The first tourney took place on May 29-30. And not only has it delivered many fantastic fights but also the event surprised us with the result. 

CPT 2021 Brazil 1 - Top 16

CPT 2021 Brazil 1 - Top 8

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Brazil 1 Recap

One of the favorites for this event was Jah-Lexe, the winner of CPT 2020 South America 2. He is the master of Rashid who makes this character pretty scary. At Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final, Jah-Lexe defeated Pikoro with impressive style.

Jah-Lexe won his only Top 16 match and pushed his opponent Didimokof (Dhalsim) to the Losers Bracket.

BKS_Zangief_Bolado brought his main to the fight (obviously, Zangief) and proved that the recent nerf is not that awful. The player won his Top 16 match against Pauloweb (Laura).

And then, BKS_Zangief_Bolado even defeated Jah-Lexe in their Top 8 winners Semi-Final. That was a very tough match. Jah-Lexe easily won the first game, but BKS_Zangief_Bolado adapted to the pace and created lots of dangerous moments. He won in the very last round — this match is one of the tensest in the whole tournament.

Both DARK (G) and RonaldinhoBR (Nash) had pretty confident victories against Neguinho (Alex) and chocotone (Laura) in Top 16, respectively.

Then, DARK and RonaldinhoBR met in the Winners Semi-Final. Most of the rounds here were super close — the score just doesn't convey the tension of taking away every little chunk of health.

The buffs of Nash, who traditionally goes to the bottom part of SFV Tier Lists, continued shining in the Winners Final. RonaldinhoBR played against BKS_Zangief_Bolado.

Most of the time, RonaldinhoBR successfully kept the wrestler at a distance and landed mighty attacks. BKS_Zangief_Bolado managed to win only one game, and it was a close one anyway.

RonaldinhoBR made it to the Grand Final to face Jah-Lexe, who had rather tough matches in the Losers Bracket, including the Losers Final against BKS_Zangief_Bolado.

The match against Cleiton (Vega) is especially interesting. Jah-Lexe lost two games and then had to take three in a row to proceed further — yeah, he did that.

The final fight for the Capcom Cup spot continued for two matches with opposite results.

First, it seemed like Jah-Lexe caught the momentum and was on top of his game. However close RonaldinhoBR was to delivering the critical damage, his Nash kept losing round after round to unstoppable Rashid.

In the Grand Final Reset, RonaldinhoBR found a way to break the defense of Jah-Lexe. Despite experiencing some very dangerous moments, RonaldinhoBR won CPT 2021 Brazil and earned his ticket to Capcom Cup VIII. Congratulations!

CPT 2021 Brazil 1 - Top 16 Brackets

CPT 2021 Brazil 1 - Top 8 Brackets

CPT 2021 Brazil 1 - Top 8 Players

Could you imagine Nash entering the top-level of the SFV competition? Another CPT participant proved the power of this SFV character quite recently — Frozen at the South America West 1 event (he wasn’t that successful, though).

At the final event, RonaldinhoBR will face many world-famous opponents. We already know some of the participants:

There will be 32 regional qualifiers in 2021. The next one is planned for June 5 — it will be CPT 2021 Middle East 1.

These online tourneys are great and everything, but have you watched the stream of the recent offline event SFV Red Bull Kumite? Oh, those emotions are just unforgettable! You also could check out our interview with the winner, Mister Crimson.

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