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DashFight Interview: Nephew on his CPT 2021 NA West 1 victory

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DashFight Interview: Nephew on his CPT 2021 NA West 1 victory
After the amazing Capcom Pro Tour event, we reached out to the winner, Nephew, and asked a few questions about his tournament experience

On May 8-9, the Street Fighter V community enjoyed many great matches of another CPT qualifier. But it wasn’t just any event — we witnessed fights from quite a few exceptional players who make North America one of the strongest SF regions in the world. Have you watched those matches? Here they are with our recap — First CPT 2021 Event in North America.

The hero of this whole event is Alan “Nephew” Sun. Not only did he earn his spot in the upcoming Capcom Cup VIII, but also he demonstrated the absolutely breathtaking power of his character, Kolin. Four victories in four Top 16/8 matches, only one game of twelve lost — that’s an impressive result.

DashFight contacted Nephew and asked a few questions about this CPT event. Here are the exclusive comments.

- You had an almost perfect run. How did it feel inside the fights? Was it really as easy as it looked from the outside?

Even in the matches where I looked comfortable, I was never really comfortable since there was so much at stake with the Capcom Cup spot on the line. But two of my matches, I felt, were actually very close, even if the score did not show it. My set with Filipinoman in pools — I really had to clutch out both games that I won. I was probably one bad decision away from losing both of them. It was the same with my match against ChrisCCH in Top 8. I felt like every single game except the last one came down to the wire.

- Did someone among the opponents surprise you somehow? Which match was the most interesting?

I play all these people so often, so I'm very familiar with how they play. ChrisCCH did actually surprise me, though, with how well he prepared for me. We both came in with new ideas to counter each other in the matchup, and I think it was the most fun match of the tournament for me.

12:10 AMBO5Nephewflag

- Did you miss playing against someone (who lost earlier, was in the other bracket)?

It did feel a little anticlimactic that I didn't have to play Samurai at all this tournament, but I'm sure he'll come back in the second one, and we'll get to play then.

- The Capcom Cup is still far away. Which other big tournaments do you plan to attend? 

The only big tournament I know of is the Intel World Open event, so I'll participate in that. If anything else comes up, you'll probably see me there too. In the meantime, I'll divert some focus to content creation on Twitch / YouTube.

Check out the video comments from this Celebration Stream on Nephew’s Twitch channel:

Do you like Kolin? This video on Nephew's YouTube channel might be interesting for you:

Quite recently, Nephew won an online tourney with Rose just a couple of days after her release.

We will definitely keep an eye on the pro career of this player and inform you guys of his successes. To not miss anything interesting, follow DashFight on Twitter and Facebook.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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