Smash World Tour 2021 Ultimate Championship

Aug 1 – Nov 28, 2021


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Aug 1 – Nov 28, 2021


North America, Asia, Latin America, Europe

Total prize pool


Smash World Tour 2021 is the way for Smash Ultimate and Smash Melee players all over the world to test their skills and earn a chance to become the World Champion. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the Qualifiers will take place online. 16 players from each region are going to qualify for Regional Finals, which will be held LAN later this year and will determine the final 32 participants of the World Finals for both Ultimate and Melee.

A significant money prize is at stake, as Regional Finals will have 60000$ total and World Finals will have more than 150000$. For more information about the tournament, rules, prizes, etc head to the Smash World Tour 2021 official website or check out smash.gg page.