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ViolentKain is a fighting games player and tournament organizer from Mexico.

As The King of Fighters XV player with Kyo and Iori as mains ViolentKain competed and finished 1st in KOF XV SNK REGIONAL BOUTS North America, 2nd in CEO 2022 Fighting Game Championships and NEM Fight Fest 2022, 3rd in DreamHack Dallas 2022 FGC and ICFC KoFXV NA Season 1 Finals, 4th in THE KOF CHALLENGE IV and Tijuana At War 2022, 7th in Astral Finish Festival 2022 and Volt Strike King KOF XV, 9th in COMBO BREAKER 2022 and 13th in Evo 2022.

You can follow ViolentKain on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and Instagram.