• Mazen Khozindar
  • USA

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Mazen Khozindar is an American Tekken 7 player who mains Yoshimitsu and represents Chicago Tekken.

He has competed in several tourneys including Roadhouse 2021, Bud Light Beer League TEKKEN East 4, CEO 2019, Charity of the Iron Fist Tournament 1, COMBO BREAKER 2019, Dragoncon 2020 Online Gaming Tournaments, EVO 2019, Final Round 2019, Frosty Faustings XI 2019, GameWorks Fall Fights 2019, ICFC NA SEASON 1, Norcal Strongstyle 2019, Red Bull Conquest - Chicago Qualifier, WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & Soulcalibur VI.

At the 2020 TEKKEN ONLINE CHALLENGE OPEN TOURNAMENT US Central, He won 5th place out of 170 entrants with an 80% set win rate after defeating players like Beast Infection and IceColdEdge.

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