Joey Fury Wins Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 East 3

Oct 01 20202 min
Bandai Namco
On September 30, Tekken players had quite a few tense matches

Another week has passed by and another Tekken 7 esports event of the Bud Light Beer League tournament is over. This time, we enjoyed fights of players from the Eastern part of the USA.

Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 East 3 had 45 attendees.  First, they played in the starting brackets and then eight of them proceeded to the final stage.

Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett won all the initial matches and entered the Top 8 part through the Winners Brackets. Here, he defeated Donte “Donte” Tyler 2:0 in the Semi-Final. The Winners Final was against Jonathan “Kaizur” S., and Joey Fury won 3:0.

In the Grand Final, Joey Fury and Donte met again - the result was 3:1, and Joseph Bennett is the winner of this Tekken 7 esports event!

Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 East 3 Live Stream:

Top 8 players of the Tekken 7 esports event Bud Light Beer League East 3

  • 1. Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett (EQNX)
  • 2. Donte “Donte” Tyler
  • 3. Jonathan “Kaizur” S. (BBB)
  • 4. Lathaniel “Joonya 20z” Jordan (Disrupt)
  • 5. Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin (ReSe XS)
  • 5. Brian “Azure” Collins
  • 7. Daniel “DoomedDanny” Wood (XiT)
  • 7. Mazen “Mazen” Khozindar (ChicagoTekken)

Joey Fury won the previous Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 for the East region as well. Last week, we witnessed matches in the West region - the winner is Changbin “Binchang” Moon.

The next event of the series is Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West 4 - on October 6.

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