Binchang wins Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West 3

Sep 24 20202 min
Bandai Namco
Even more exciting Tekken fights!

This autumn is full of super interesting esports events. The Street Fighter 5 community continues enjoying Capcom Pro Tour 2020. The Tekken 7 pro players participate in the tournament Tekken Online Challenge. And also we have Bud Light Beer League!

Another weekly event of this Tekken 7 series is over. It was third for the Western part of the USA. It had 58 attendees, who first fought in starting brackets and then in the Top 8 part.

Changbin “Binchang” Moon entered the final stage through the Winners bracket. In the Semi-Final, he defeated Hansel “Acumajor” Y. (2:0). The Final match was against Michael “Suiken” Khieu (3:0). In the Grand Final, Binchang played against Acumajor again and won (3:0).

Here is the full Stream of Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West 3

Top 8 Players of the Week 3 of Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West

  • 1. Changbin “Binchang” Moon
  • 2. Hansel “Acumajor” Y. 
  • 3. Michael “Suiken” Khieu
  • 4. Jermyia “Jermanji” Blevins (RVNT)
  • 5. Armando “MandoSavage” Aguilar (PRIME)
  • 5. Wayne “Daddy Gamble” Gamble
  • 7. Phi “PhiDX” Lam (BattleLounge)
  • 7. Tray “Princess Ling” S.

The previous event Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 East was on September 15, and Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett won it.

The general standings at the moment are:

  • The West leader is Changbin “Binchang” Moon - 245 points
  • The East leaders are Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett and Marquis “Shadow 20z” Jordan - both have 170 points. 

The next chance to enjoy matches of Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 will be on September 29 - the East Week 3 event.

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