Xian Wins Capcom Pro Tour South East Asia 2

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Xian Wins Capcom Pro Tour South East Asia 2
It’s a hot season for the fighting games esports

Street Fighter V professionals continue playing in qualifiers for the upcoming tournament Capcom Cup 2020. Two weeks ago, we witnessed matches in the East Europe and Middle East region. And on September 19-20, the fighting games community enjoyed Capcom Pro Tour South East Asia 2.

There were 72 attendees at this online event. First, they fought in the starting pools and then in the Top 16 part.

Capcom Pro Tour South East Asia 2 - Top 16

Of course, the most interesting Street Fighter matches usually happen in the final stages of esports tournaments.

Kun Xian Ho entered the Top 8 part through the Winners Bracket. In the Winners Semi-Final, he defeated Tjie “Oswald” Wai kit (3:2). The Winners Final was easier for Xian - he won against Gavrel “Bravery” Saw (3:0). The Grand Final turned out to be much tougher! Xian again fought Bravery, who returned from the Losers Bracket. The first match ended with the victory of Bravery (2:3). Then, Xian managed to return to the top in the Gran Final Reset (3:1). Congratulations!

All matches of the Top 8 part - Capcom Pro Tour South East Asia 2

Top 8 players of the Southv East Asia 2 qualifier of Capcom Pro Tour 

  • 1. Kun Xian Ho (Razer) - Seth / Ibuki
  • 2. Gavrel “Bravery” Saw (RSG) - Cammy
  • 3. Tjie “Oswald” Wai - Laura / Poison
  • 4. Brandon “Brandon” Chia (SIN) - Akuma
  • 5. Thum “MindRPG” Homchuen (TGU) - M.Bison / Necalli
  • 5. Dixon “Dixon” Pang - M.Bison
  • 7. Christian “AronManurung” Manurung - Nash / Vega
  • 7. Jed “POTAto09^^” Jimenez (uP) - R.Mika

The next Capcom Pro Tour qualifier is planned for September 26-27 - this will be South America 2 (the first event in this region was in the beginning of July, and Picoro is the winner).

Watching SF5 esports matches is a great experience for players of any level - you can enjoy amazing mastery and learn many helpful tricks. Also, such matches are an awesome showcase of excellent Street Fighter V costumes and colors.

Autumn is a hot season for other fighting esports disciplines. Recently, Bandai Namco started the Online Tekken Challenge.