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Julian "Hotashi" Harris is a fighting games player from the United States who represents Moist Esports. He has been known to compete in titles such as Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Under Night In-Birth.
Hotashi has participated in tournaments such as:
  • 2021: DreamHack Beyond 2021 (4th), EVO 2021 Online - Guilty Gear Strive - NA (1st), Not Super TSB 2021 (2nd in GGS), The Big LEVO 2 (1st), The Grand Bamboo Battle 2021 (1st).
  • 2019: Anime Ascension 2019 (1st in GGXrd), CEOtaku 2019 (2nd in GGXrd), Frosty Faustings XI (9th in GGXrd).
  • 2018: CEO 2018, EVO 2018, Red Bull Conquest Finals 2018 (5th in GGXrd), Super TSB 2018 (7th in DBFZ), Texas Showdown 2018 (17th).
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