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Somewhat brash, hot-headed, and not very bright, Chipp Zanuff is a very straightforward man with a burning passion for justice and honor.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Chipp matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Nagoriyuki47 %34
Zato40 %15
Leo27 %11
Sol50 %6
Millia40 %5
Faust75 %4
Happy Chaos25 %4
Ky0 %3
Jack-O0 %3

Chipp matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



16-18 (47%)

Best vs:



3-1 (75%)

Worst vs:



0-3 (0%)

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 6

  • Defense: 7

  • Range: 5

  • Mobility: 9

  • Difficulty: 6


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Chipp grew up in some of the worst slums in the USA. Before long, he was already a part of a gang and selling drugs on the street. His life was set on a short and cruel course before encountering his future master, Tsuyoshi. The man took Chipp in as his apprentice and trained him both mentally and physically, giving him the ninja skills and a strong moral core. During his training, Chipp also became a fan of everything Japanese, even claiming to be from Japan himself despite having only a surface understanding of the culture.

Everything was going well until the Assassins Guild ordered a hit on Tsuyoshi after discovering that he infiltrated their guild as an undercover agent for the International Police Force. Chipp and Tsuyoshi felt the assassins coming and split up. After Chipp got rid of pursuers, he went to check on his mentor. He found a group of dead assassins and the wounded Tsuyoshi, who told him to walk away and live his own life before dying in Chipp’s arms.

Wishing to avenge his master, Chipp refuses to walk away and instead enters the Holy Order tournament because winning would allow him to find and eliminate Tsuyoshi’s killers. Unfortunately, the whole tournament is nothing but a trap to revive Justice. He survives the bloodshed, but his plan is not ruined. 

Chipp finds a new opportunity for revenge when the Assassination Guild starts showing openings. Chipp locates and defeats Zato, which forces Venom to seek him out. After beating him as well, Chipp realizes that killing is not a solution. Instead, he must become a president to fix things on a more global scale and asks Venom to work for him should Chipp succeed. He begins traveling around the world and searching for opportunities that would allow him to achieve such a position, recruiting Baiken along the way for a special troubleshooting group.

Following that, Chipp came across an area of South Africa that was mainly decrepit and lawless. After nurturing its growth and establishing some order, he called it the Eastern Chipp Kingdom and appointed himself as the president, with secretary Answer by his side. Chipp began working on having the United Nations officially recognize his country. Around the same time, Ramlethal Valentine declares war on humanity. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain recognition for his country, Chipp sets out to fight her by himself. Along the way, he meets up with May, and the two team up to confront Ram. Unfortunately, they are unsuccessful. After Conclave retrieves the cradle from Babylon, Chipp sets out to investigate, leaving May alone. Before long, however, Jellyfish Pirates contact Chipp and ask him to locate May. He finds her in the Uighur region of China, just in time to save her from a fatal fall. They meet up with Johnny and Faust, who prepared a medicine for May, but they suddenly get attacked by Bedman. Chipp tells them to run and tries to fight off Bedman before getting knocked out. Fortunately, Zato-1 arrives and saves Chipp.

Later on, Chipp gets involved in the conflict with Ariels. Initially suspicious, he orders Answer to research the situation and learns that they’re a serious threat. He then travels to speak with Gabriel, leader of Zepp, to get their support in the upcoming conflict. Fighting alongside Ky and others, they force Ariels to retreat while defeating her Phalanx units and Antimatter Gears.

Things were relatively steady for Chipp after the conflict until the appearance of Happy Chaos. Together with Anji, they investigated his sudden appearance and plans, later sharing the information with others. Once the matter was resolved, Chipp finally managed to return to his duty as the president of Eastern Chipp Kingdom.


Chipp is a hot-blooded airhead, and he’s prone to acting on instinct without much thinking but has a firm resolve. When losing, Chipp remains hopeful and optimistic, seeing it as an opportunity to improve and grow stronger. His general attitude made him a likable and admired leader to his people.


Chipp is a man with red eyes and white hair. He wears black sandals, white puffy pants, an obi-style belt out of a girthy length of rope, a black sleeveless jacket, and black gauntlets. On his back, he also has a long red scarf tied to his waist.


Chipp is a speedy and aggressive character that can be described as a glass cannon. He has one of the most versatile toolkits of the entire roster, with moves that allow him to relentlessly pressure opponents or get out of pressure himself with a swift DP or quick jabs. His mobility is among the best as well, rivaled only by Milia. Chipp’s movement is aided by Alpha Blade, triple jump, wall run, and incredibly fast running speed.

To compensate for his excellent offense, Chipp has the lowest effective HP in the game and the highest defense modifier, which increases the damage he takes. This leads to Chipp’s playstyle heavily relying on momentum. Since trading hits is almost always a losing interaction, Chipp players tend to play more safely until getting an opportunity to get in and start pressuring opponents.

Key Information

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 148 lbs

Blood Type: B

Origin: USA (claims he’s from Japan)

Date of Birth: February 9

Hobbies: Dreaming, becoming president

Likes: Friends, glasses

Dislikes: Nightmares, mafia, gangs, yakuza

Affiliation: Eastern Chipp Kingdom

Weapon: Gauntlet blade

Debut: Guilty Gear, May 1998

Availability: Base character

Friends with:

Tsuyoshi’s students: