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Holy Knight and Chief of International Police Force. Ky Kiske is a shining example of a pious man devoted to justice. With an open mind and an altruistic heart, Ky goes forth on his righteous path.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Ky matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Leo56 %18
Sol64 %14
Happy Chaos36 %14
Giovanna46 %13
Goldlewis64 %11
Chipp90 %10
Nagoriyuki40 %10
Zato63 %8
Millia25 %8
I-No50 %6

Ky matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



10-8 (56%)

Best vs:



3-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



0-1 (0%)

top Ky mains

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 5

  • Defense: 8

  • Range: 6

  • Mobility: 6

  • Difficulty: 2


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Ky was born during the Crusades, around 2157. His mother died in this conflict when he was very young. After one of the Gear attacks, he decided to join the Sacred Order of Holy Knights and approached Kliff Undersn. Since he was too young at the time, Kliff tells him to come back in 5 years. At age 10, Ky joined the order, and by 15, he was already recognized as a prodigy and made a battalion leader. 

To improve his sword fighting, Ky regularly challenged his peers to duels, at one point challenging Sol Badguy, who served in his battalion. Not knowing that Sol was a Gear, Ky didn’t use the full extent of his power, which Sol took as Ky not taking him seriously. With two already being complete opposites in terms of character, it only worsened their relationship. A year later, Ky caught Sol stealing the Fireseal and attempted to stop him, but Sol was much too strong for him to handle. Before Ky could give chase, Kliff stopped him from doing something reckless. Kliff himself retired not long after, entrusting Ky with the order's leadership when he was just 16 and granting him Thunderseal.

Two years after his retirement, Kliff fought Justice but had to be saved by Ky, who managed to repel Justice. When he pursued after her, he found Justice lying injured, with clear signs of heat and fire damage that would be characteristic for Fireseal. With the help of other knights, Justice was put into a dimensional prison, and the Order was disbanded, with everyone moving to regular lives. At the same time, Ky continued his career by joining International Police Force.

After some time, Ky hears about an upcoming tournament where the winners will be candidates to join Second Holy Order. Things did not seem right. The tournament allowed bloodshed, the winner was promised any wish they had, and simultaneously, rumors about the resurrection of Justice started going around. His suspicions are soon proven right. The tournament is nothing but a trap set by Testament to resurrect Justice. While she’s successfully awakened, Sol and Ky managed to beat her in battle. Before she dies, Justice talks to Ky and rejects the claim that she’s evil. Justice only did what she was born to do, and for that, she was destroyed. She asks Ky if that could be called justice. This conversation wavered his resolve, as he truly didn’t know if he did the right thing.

When he heard the news about a Gear that allegedly doesn’t want to harm humans, Ky immediately traveled to the Forest of Demons to meet her. For Ky, this was an opportunity to understand what Gears are after Justice made him question his beliefs. He meets Dizzy, and after they have a conversation about power, he lets her defeat him in a fight and convinces her that there are people out there who can accept her into society. He then offers her to come with him and show her how to live like any other human. 

His duties continue as usual for some time. He inquires about the suspicious targeting of Japanese people and dealings of the Post-War Administration Bureau without outstanding results. During this, Dizzy moves in together with Ky, forming feelings for each other. After about a year, their son Sin is born. Even though Ky should be happy, he is torn by guilt over falling in love with a Gear and because his family has to live in seclusion. Due to these complex feelings, he avoided Sin, which his son interpreted as contempt, and grew to dislike Ky. Following this, Ky was forced into serving as the first king of Illarya by the United Nations Conclave. Seeing that her husband is going through extreme turmoil, Dizzy contacts Sol for help. A fight breaks out between the two, with Sol winning, but Sin interrupts Sol to defend his father. Touched by this, Ky’s spirit is lifted, and they entrust Sin in Sol’s care.

In 2186 a massive conflict begins that will later be known as Baptisma 13. To access That Man’s Cube, which can rewrite the real world, Valentine tried to find a Gear containing Justice’s cells, which acted as the key. Dizzy quickly becomes her target, but through the combined efforts of Ky and his allies, they manage to defeat Valentine’s army and free the gears she brainwashed. Shortly after the event, Ky assembles a meeting announcing a controversial decision to allow humans and Gears to co-exist in Illarya.

A short time later, Ky faces another problem as Ramlethal Valentine declares war on humanity. By turning to Elphelt for aid, they subdue her, and Ky sets out to Zepp per Leo’s advice. When meeting Gabriel and Zato, he finds out that Conclave plans to resurrect Justice. Ramlethal later reveals more details about this plan. After defending the castle from Opus's attack, Ky and others meet up with Jack-O and That Man, from whom they learn about Ariels' true identity as Universal Will. She admits to it after being confronted but retreats to prepare for the final confrontation. 

Despite facing Ariels’ overwhelming force, they defeat her and successfully merge Jack-O with Justice, resolving the crisis. After it’s all over, Sol has a conversation with Ky about their rivalry, insisting it’s unresolved since Ky never fought him seriously before. Sol managed to goad him into fighting, with Ky going all out and quickly winning. However, Ky realized that Sol only did it to prepare himself for a battle with That Man.

Just a few weeks later, another problem appeared. Ky is urgently summoned after I-No breaks into Illaryan castle. Together with Leo and Daryl, they deduce that she took something from Ariels. Things get more suspicious when I-No allows herself to get captured. Sol immediately comes to visit Ky, and they attempt to interrogate I-No about her plans, but she tells them nothing. Jack-O concludes that due to I-No being an incomplete creation, she could be after Asuka’s Tome of Origin. Jack-O then sets off to the G4 summit together with Ky.

Happy Chaos manages to infiltrate the summit, take everyone hostage, and activate Tír na nÓg, turning the White House into a massive spaceship. After allies manage to take control of the situation and land the aircraft, they realize that Happy Chaos is not captured and is disguised as a security officer. During the confusion, Chaos merged with I-No using Tome of Origin. While Ky takes her on, Nagoriyuki finds I-No’s weak spot, and Sol shoots it with Outrage. With that matter settled, Ky finally returns to his family life.


Straightforward and honest, Ky could be described as a very idealistic man. He has an incredibly strong sense of justice and compassion for others which shows in everything he does. Such devotion to set ideals and beliefs also makes Ky extremely opposed to anything challenging law and peace. However, his open-minded mentality and desire to do the right thing allow Ky to broaden his horizons. 


Ky is a man with blue eyes and short blonde hair. He wears black shoes with blue soles, dark pants, a brown belt, a black sleeveless shirt, a full black arm sleeve on his right arm, blue gloves, and a white jacket that hangs on his shoulders. He always carries Thunderseal, a sacred treasure that took on a form of a long white sword.


Ky is a very versatile and simple character with solid tools for any situation. With long-reaching pokes, DP, and projectiles, Ky can fluidly switch between pressuring opponents or playing more defensively. His offense is particularly interesting, thanks to a unique Shock State mechanic. When Ky hits opponents with one of his electric moves, it puts them in a Shock State. Hitting opponents with any of Ky’s special or super moves noticeably improves their properties, generally making them safer on block and more damaging on hit. Ky also has notably good okizeme thanks to charged Stun Edge projectile and FDC safe jumps.

While his specials can be made much better through Shock State, they are pretty risky otherwise. This makes Ky more susceptible to being counter-hit or punished by wary opponents.

Key Information

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 128 lbs

Blood Type: AB

Origin: France

Date of Birth: November 20

Hobbies: Collecting teacups

Likes: Dizzy, Sin, the smiles of others

Dislikes: His own weak heart

Affiliation: United Kingdoms of Illarya (First King)

Weapon: Thunderseal

Debut: Guilty Gear, May 1998

Availability: Base character