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Reliable and incredibly loyal secretary of defense, he earned the respect and trust of people around him. Goldlewis Dickinson is a profoundly patriotic man with a passion for his profession and good food.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Goldlewis matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
I-No67 %12
Axl55 %11
Happy Chaos30 %10
May75 %8
Sol38 %8
Ky14 %7
Leo25 %4
Bridget100 %3
Goldlewis50 %2

Goldlewis matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



8-4 (67%)

Best vs:



3-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



1-6 (14%)

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 8

  • Defense: 7

  • Range: 9

  • Mobility: 4

  • Difficulty: 6




Goldlewis joined the army during the Crusades and spent a lot of time as an active military officer. Due to his ability to lead others, vast amounts of experience, and unparalleled combat prowess, he was appointed as secretary of defense.

Leading up to the G4 summit, he learns that a Gear Maker, also known as Asuka, would be let into the White House. Despite being known for his immense strength, this fact still makes Goldlewis anxious, making him double down on security measures. During a discussion with president Vernon, Goldlewis questioned Asuka’s motive and the president’s decisions to go along with his plans. He also warns Vernon of another threat, I-No, who might target the G4 summit for unknown reasons. Despite that, Vernon chooses to go ahead instead of canceling the meeting. Following this conversation, Goldlewis discusses the plans for Sol Badguy with Erica, now knowing what to do with a national hero who became a potential threat.

On the day of the G4 summit, Goldlewis enters the operations room and gives a motivational speech to his staff, warning them how dangerous Asuka is and that this will be the longest day in their lives. His worries become more than justified when Happy Chaos invades the White House, takes world leaders hostage, and brainwashes many of the soldiers to fight for him, leading to a massive conflict. Happy Chaos wants access to Tome of Origin that Asuka gave to Vernon, and only the president can access it. However, Sol Badguy suddenly appears, knocking down Chaos and taking the president with him.

Goldlewis is forced to join the fray himself. He manages to contact the president and plan an escape, but the White House and parts of the surrounding area suddenly turn into a massive aircraft, Tír na nÓg, trapping president and Sol Badguy. Goldlewis is promptly contacted by Leo Whitefang, who tells him that they have information about the aircraft. Following that, the USA, Zepp, and Post-War Administration Bureau begin cooperating to regain control of the situation.

With the White House heading for a major city, Goldlewis faces the unpleasant possibility of attacking the airship to protect the country. While the president remains on the airship, Happy Chaos unexpectedly releases other hostages. With no demands made and the ship steadily moving towards the border, Chipp comes to Goldlewis to suggest that Happy Chaos plans to force the White House to be shot down by crossing into another country’s airspace, eliminating Vernon. It’s eventually revealed that the room used for keeping the Tome of Origin uses old-era technology and can act as an escape pod. Everyone manages to escape on the pod, with Happy Chaos lying unconscious in one of the rooms.

On the ground, a massive battle ensues after I-No combines with Happy Chaos to ascend into godhood. After the incident is resolved by Sol Badguy taking her out with the Outrage, Goldlewis is seen conversing with Erica about wrapping up the aftermath of what had occurred. 


Goldlewis is a highly professional and highly reliable person with utmost loyalty to his country and the president. His behavior is flawless to a point where he gained nothing but trust and admiration over his years of service. He’s also known to be a kindhearted person with a good sense of humor, becoming close friends with presidents Vernon and Erica.


Goldlewis is a notably tall and rotund individual with grey hair and blue eyes. He wears a full beard and a pompadour haircut. He wears brown shoes, brown chaps over grey jeans, a beige shirt, yellow tie, brown military jacket with rolled-up sleeves, brown fingerless gloves, and black glasses where his left eye is covered by a display with a kiss symbol on it. His belt buckle and tie feature a metal goat skull decoration, while both of his gloves have a horseshoe on the back of the hand.


Goldlewis is a close-range powerhouse. While he has several options to hit opponents from long distance, he really starts to shine once he’s close enough to land normals and follow up with Behemoth Typhoon. His attacks are slow and dangerous to whiff, but each one packs a lot of power, enabling both intimidating pressure and threatening mixups. Even when his attacks are blocked, Goldlewis can rack up much chip damage with his coffin attacks. Once he scores a hit, he can either lead into very damaging combos or leave the opponent in a hard knockdown state, allowing Goldlewis to execute a variety of oki setups.His drawbacks, however, are not insignificant. Since he’s a big character with slow movement and a lack of powerful long-range or approach tools, Goldlewis tends to struggle against zoners and opponents with strong ranged options. He also struggles under pressure since he doesn’t have many options to stop the opponent’s offense and take back momentum. His pokes are somewhat risky if not used properly, so Goldlewis players really have to be careful about what they use and when.

Key Information

Height: 7’

Weight: 566 lbs

Blood Type: A

Origin: United States of America

Date of Birth: October 9

Hobbies: Investigating cryptids

Likes: His Miles Davis records, cherry pie

Dislikes: People who believe in ghosts and UFOs

Affiliation: United States Department of Defense

Weapon: Coffin

Debut: Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, July 2021

Availability: DLC character

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