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Originally a tool made to destroy humankind, Ramlethal was able to change and live an ordinary life, opening herself to new experiences and emotions.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Ramlethal matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Leo41 %29
Happy Chaos50 %16
Faust56 %9
Nagoriyuki50 %6
Goldlewis60 %5
Chipp40 %5
Zato0 %5
Ky75 %4
Giovanna25 %4
Jack-O33 %3

Ramlethal matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



12-17 (41%)

Best vs:



3-1 (75%)

Worst vs:



0-5 (0%)

top Ramlethal mains

PlayerGamesWinsLossesWin rate

Character abilities

  • Attack: 9

  • Defense: 5

  • Range: 8

  • Mobility: 5

  • Difficulty: 6


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Ramlethal is a creation of Universal Will. Following in the steps of other Valentines, her goal was to assist in the activation of Cradle and revival of Justice. Knowing that Ramlethal had defects, Elphelt was created to more efficiently blend into society, with Universal Will even planning for a fake rebellion without Elphelt’s knowledge.

To distract everyone from the Cradle, Ram arrives in Japan and declares war on humanity. One after another, she fights challengers from all over the world until Sol, Ky, and Sin eventually manage to bring her down. However, her mission was finished by then, with Cradle becoming active over Babylon. Thinking that she is no longer needed, Ramlethal attempts to self-destruct and take Sol along with her. Elphelt manages to prevent the disaster, and instead, Ram gets captured and placed onboard Royal Fleet One. Despite only recently being enemies, Elphelt and Sin try to awaken Ram’s human emotion, taking out for the day and giving her an adorable pet dog. Unfortunately, Bedman interferes to dispose of Ram on orders from Univeral Will. When he realizes that she’s no longer the emotionless doll, like he was told, Bedman refuses to kill her and retreats. Shortly after, Ram opens up to others and tells them about St. Elmo’s Fire that will be used to revive Justice.

Suddenly, Elphelt and Justice are taken away, but Ram swears that she will save her. While Elphelt is away, Sol and Sin try to console Ramlethal, but it’s all futile until they get a signal about her ID being spotted in Scandinavia. Despite knowing that it’s most likely a trap, Ram chooses to go anyway, with Sin going along to help. There, Ramlethal is attacked by an antimatter Gear and Phalanx soldiers. Hearing cries, she finds a little girl and saves her by making her familiar carry her to safety. However, Ram herself is presumed dead in the ensuing explosion. However, Raven saved in the nick of time, returning to others for the final battle against Ariels and providing crucial aid that led to victory.


Ramlethal initially had little in terms of her own personality, as she was created to be a tool and treated herself as a tool. After she rejects her previous role and begins to understand and appreciate emotions, Ramlethal slowly but surely opens up to others and enjoys the new experiences. While she’s still primarily monotone and expressionless, she’s far from cold, and her feelings often shine through.


Ramlethal is a woman with tan skin, golden eyes, blonde hair. She wears a large white cape with black, teeth-like extensions on the hem and peach-colored inner lining. Underneath, she wears a white vest, white mini-shorts, white thigh-straps, and white straps on her feet. Her left arm and leg are covered in red bindings. On her head, Ram wears a puffy white hat with animal ear-like protrusions, a green lucky clover pin, and a black, military-style visor.


Ram is a well-rounded character that particularly excels in neutral and corner pressure. With her swords, Ram has access to pokes with great range and disjointed hitboxes on the ground and air, allowing her to check her opponents with impunity. She can significantly expand her pressure in the corner by using her swords as projectiles which then stick to the wall and explode. The delay between two hits is significant enough to enable some threatening mixups.

Ramlethal has relatively few downsides. Most significantly, poor use of the sword projectiles will leave her with a much weaker version of her normals and, by extension, make her vulnerable to enemy attacks. Ram is also not great at converting mid-range hits despite her far-reaching buttons.

Key Information

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 115 lbs

Blood Type: Unknown

Origin: Backyard

Date of Birth: June 3

Hobbies: Pondering about the meaning of things

Likes: Almost everything

Dislikes: Arthropods

Affiliation: Illaryan Special Brigade

Weapon: Greatswords

Debut: Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, February 2014

Availability: Base character