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Guilty Gear -Strive-

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Guilty Gear -Strive-
Guilty Gear -Strive-


The charismatic and enigmatic pirate captain of the airship May Ship IIKnow more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 5

  • Defense: 3

  • Range: 9

  • Mobility: 6

  • Difficulty: 7




At the age of 13, a Gear killed Johnny's father, the only person who had ever cared for him, during the Crusades. Because Johnny already had a closed heart, the thought of losing the people he loved caused him to further withdraw inside himself. Under Hirofumi Unchou, Johnny most likely developed and perfected his swordsmanship at this time. However, Johnny eventually came to genuinely appreciate the suffering of orphans after realizing that not everyone was as capable of standing up for themselves as he was, and he made an effort to emulate his father's compassion.

Johnny made the decision to become a "noble bandit," robbing largely from the wealthy in order to help those in need, and he established the Jellyfish Pirates by adopting and fostering war orphans (only girls). May was one of the females he took in, rescuing her from a brutal battleground. They started their Robin Hood enterprise on board a stolen hover-carrier that was eventually named the Mayship.


Johnny epitomizes cool, charismatic, suave, and a natural leader. He's confident but not arrogant, a mentor to his crew, and a hero to those he saves. A man of principles, Johnny has a great sense of justice and is willing to go to great extents to protect the weak and uphold his beliefs. He has a flirtatious side, often displaying a charming demeanor towards women, but it's always in good taste and never crosses the line into impropriety. His charisma makes him likable not just to the characters in the game but also to the players themselves. Despite this, Johnny is a cunning and secretive person who frequently keeps his intents to himself. He also has one unbreakable rule: He never relies on others unless he is absolutely at his wit's end.


Johnny is a well-rounded character in Guilty Gear Strive, offering a mix of speed, power, and technique. He has good mobility and can quickly close distances, allowing him to pressure opponents. Johnny's attacks can be chained from low to high and vice versa, enabling tricky mix-ups. He uses his distinctive Hirofumi sword technique to great effect in mid-range combat. With his ranged and frequently jumbled pokes, he compensates for his lack of defensive options, enabling him to play a safe, neutral game and keep opponents at a distance. He is famous for his "Mist Finer" technique, a slicing attack that can be adjusted for different ranges and situations. Johnny is somewhat technical to play, requiring good timing and a deep understanding of his mechanics to unlock his potential fully. While he might not be beginner-friendly, mastering Johnny can be highly rewarding, as he has the tools to dominate in casual and competitive settings.


Johnny's appearance blends classic and modern styles, reflecting his complex personality. a lean, tall person with a fair skin, Johnny has blue eyes and long blonde hair that, in previous games, he typically kept in a ponytail but later switched to a short, smooth hairdo. He always sports a pair of dark shades and a wide-rimmed cowboy hat with a letter "J" pin. Always shirtless, Johnny wears a black attire with a few silver details. Long, well-fitting slacks, a wide belt worn diagonally in the manner of a gunslinger, and a long trench coat with a collar that is left unbuttoned so that his chest is exposed complete the look. He completes his attire with a pair of tan fingerless gloves.

Key Information

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 159 lbs

Blood Type: O

Origin: America

Date of Birth: October 24

Hobbies: Finding good women

Likes: Prized guiter collection

Dislikes: People who don't get jokes

Affiliation: Jellyfish Pirates

Weapon: Katana

Debut: Guilty Gear X, July 2000

Availability: DLC (Season 3)

Jelly Fish Pirate Crew

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