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Guilty Gear -Strive-

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Guilty Gear -Strive-
Guilty Gear -Strive-


Asuka R, also referred to as That Man, is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. He is the creator of the Gears and Justice, and the target of Sol Badguy's revenge.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 6

  • Defense: 5

  • Range: 7

  • Mobility: 4

  • Difficulty: 10


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Asuka R. Kreutz is one of the lead scientists on the Gear Project, working alongside Sol Badguy and a female researcher named Aria Hale. As one of the co-creators of the Gears, he has deep ties with Sol and Justice and has become a target for various characters in the series due to the destruction his creations have caused. Despite the gears he created going on an anti-human rampage, Asuka has chosen a unique path to atone for his actions. Rather than hunting down gears like Sol, Asuka decided to pursue a mysterious goal by manipulating events from the shadows.

Asuka, also known as the Gear Maker, was an Apostle who learned his craft from The Original, who discovered the Backyard. He created the Gears but lost their control to the Universal Will, which brainwashed them to cause destruction. As the menace of the Universal Will loomed after their teacher's sudden disappearance, there was a rift between Asuka and the other Apostles (later called the Conclave) because they had different ideas about how they should move forward. Asuka believed in a more progressive approach and applied his understanding of magic as a researcher, eventually meeting Frederick and Aria. Asuka's mission is to release the Gears from others' control and establish a world where humans and Gears can co-exist as equals.

He has three servants: Raven, I-No, and Jack-O' Valentine, who regularly act on his behalf while he remains behind the scenes. He keeps sending down "clear numbers" from space to bring harmony to Earth.


Asuka is both a scientist and matchless in his magic skill - what one would call a genius. Though he is generally polite and humble, he often finds even his carefully considered statements can result in discord. He severely lacks stamina, with the slightest exercise tiring him out. Custom-made bits of his handle any physically straining tasks​​.


Asuka R. Kreutz fights using magic in Guilty Gear -Strive-. His unique playstyle sets him apart from most characters seen in fighting games, as you need to monitor his mana bar and "load" new spells by switching test cases.


Asuka has white hair, pointy red ears​. and golden eyes with an eyepatch on the right one, his face and body are usually covered in cloaks with an inverted red cross design on his bangs.

Key Information:

Height: 167 cm(5'5")

Weight: 58 kg (128lbs.)

Blood Type: AB

Origin: United States

Date of Birth: Unknown

Hobbies: Making buckwheat noodles in a Rube Goldberg machine

Likes: Sol, Aria

Dislikes: Chaos

Affiliation: Gear Project

Weapon: Magic

Debut: Guilty Gear X plus, November 2001

Availability: DLC


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